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Video is an important part of any marketing strategy. If you’re speculating why your videos are attracting only a few views and weakening to engage, it’s likely that you’re doing at least one of the following things.

Here are 7 reasons why your video content is fading.

1) Video’s too long

Study shows that an average human attention span is of 8 seconds and with two-thirds of consumers favoring video under one minute, less is more when it comes to creating video content. The average time of 56% of all videos is less than 2 minutes.

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When you create it, ensure those first few seconds are highly engaging, as that’s when you’ll need to grab the viewer attention to maintain it.

2) People can’t find you

People can’t watch your videos if they’re not able to find them.

If your video is missing an effective description, tags and title, it’s not easy for the audience to find it. You can add a link to your website in the description; another simple twist that can make a big change.


You need to optimize your video content so that users can find it. To make your videos more searchable, create a rich keyword description, tags and title; it will increase your chances of displaying it in the ‘related videos’ result of YouTube.

3) Your video title is Misleading

Deceptive video titles work two ways: they can engage and disappoint or not engage at all. The title is very important to engage the viewer.

A title must lead the viewer to want to learn further. If the title is too common, the viewer may think the video isn’t worth their time.

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This approach might get your audience to your video but ultimately, once your audience recognizes you are misleading them, they will go away. Create engaging title that will attract your audience and don’t mislead them.

4) You don’t know your audience

Videos don’t go viral all by themselves, you need an audience for that.

A good video will be able to reach out to the right targeted audience and send the right message through its script and visuals.

You can consider your target audience right from the start so that every step taken towards making your video is taken with them in mind.

Share your videos on all your social networks, to your email subscribers and embed it on your own site.


Researching the best channels for your target audience and creating content that resonates will lead to better success. And, take a look at the people that regularly engage on videos by commenting or sharing them, connect with them socially and strike up a discussion so, you’ll be unforgettable.

5) Poor video quality

If you are not using good quality video,  viewer can’t sit through a grainy video and try to figure out what you are saying.  There are several good quality videos available.

A poorly made marketing video reflects the quality of the brand in consumers’ minds, making the quality of the video an essential factor in audience conversion.


Forget about using your friend’s iPhone, use professional camera work and lighting instead. Viewers today can definitely separate the professionals from the amateurs. The trick is to engage your viewers visually from the get go through well- prepared videos.

6) Too boring sales-pitchy videos

You can easily lose your audience through the video, so make sure your content is relevant, attractive and engaging.

Your video should not shout sales pitch. If people are watching, they know that the video is about your brand and it is a form of advertising in itself.

Made your video on a story and address your consumers’ emotions. You can inform about your product or service in the end!

And remember to keep the whole video short because today’s audiences have several things to distract them from your video.


Give your audience a touch they’ll get excited about, not something that’ll turn them off. Make the sale pitch refined or consider not pitching at all. A video that is informative, entertaining and creates engagement is good for business.

7) You aren’t optimizing your video

You need to attract traffic to your video and get it in front of the right people. Video optimization is the key to succeeding this. It is the behind-the-scenes steps you can take to boost awareness of your video.

Steps for Successful Video Optimization
  • Improve video concepts based on customer value.
  • Identify significant target keywords, and use them to create a video title, tags and video description that connect the video’s value.
  • Enhance the video with a CTA and link.
  • Promote the video throughout your own networks to begin collecting views.

Video optimization can empower your brand to reach the millions of individuals. By marking up your videos, you can get them in front of the right audience and see the branding power available on YouTube or other platforms.

Bonus tip

Research the all the platform you are sharing your video on. Include a descriptive, attractive and engaging but brief title. Use all the right tags to reach out to the audience of your choosing and promote your video on as many social media platforms as possible.

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