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‘Quora’ a platform to get answers to questions on any topic, brought its self-serve ad platform for advertisers in May 2017. The effort is viewed as a major push to intrigue the attention of advertisers alongside monetizing the entire system.

Therefore, in an effort to enable you to streamline your campaign performance; here are the seven Quora Ads mistakes you should completely avoid making.

Mistake 1: Capitalization & abbreviation errors

Creating Quora text ads is similar to writing text ads as on other networks, but alludes to somewhat different character counts and guidelines. As per Quora’s ad policies, ads must be clear, well-formatted and free from grammatical, capitalization and punctuation errors.

You can get the insights from image shown below as Quora sending an email to AdStage team, requesting for fixing up incorrect/unusual use of capitalization and abbreviations in ad copies.

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What to do?
Headline Sentence-

The Headline Sentence fields should be made out of a full sentence, complete with a punctuation mark.

  • Headline Sentence: Maximum of 65 characters
  • Not allowed: Looking for machine learning experts — learn more today.
  • Acceptable: We are looking for machine learning experts. Learn more today.
Title case-

The first letter of every word should be capitalized and should not be used unnecessarily. Titles with articles, books and movie names, which justify the use of title case, are acceptable.

  • Not allowed: Learn More About Our Services By Signing Up Today.
  • Acceptable: Learn more about our services by signing up today.
  • Acceptable:Buy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone today.

Mistake #2: Not using “Import from an existing ad” button

Quora ad page is one and the same as of Facebook’s, where objectives appear at the campaign level and targeting/bidding at the ad set level.

When building a campaign structure, advertisers skip using import button and continue making ad sets manually. It’s really time-consuming.

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What to do?

You’ll find your import button next to the “create a new ad set” button. As you get the ability to import settings from an existing Quora ad set, the entire process of copying and creating new ad set becomes quicker and effective.

However, add UTM parameters to ads or update them when duplicating across ad sets and campaigns.

Mistake#3: Not importing keywords to find topics

Quora Ads is set up to target individuals based on topics as people taking interest in specific topics are more likely to click through on an ad related to that topic. The problem is how to find the topics relevant to your business.

What to do?

Find out your specialty keywords; know keywords that are performing great in your search campaigns on other platforms and get suggestions from Quora for similar topics. The strategy will work ahead.

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Mistake #4: Beginning excessively broad

At times, you set up campaigns and even these perform superior to expected, but you remain clueless as far as funding out what has actually worked or how to scale the performance. You started too broad.

What to do?

When you include several things in one ad set, it becomes almost difficult to make sense of what has been working. Break out ad sets by country or device and figure out what has been working & what’s not.

The example above is of a campaign run by AdStage and it has been set up by choosing objective + general topic, based up on locations and device. The settings will help you make optimizations and scale performance.

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Mistake#5: Not barring irrelevant questions

In its targeting interface, Quora uncovers particular questions that fall underneath the broader topics and being ignorant of it, advertisers land up running campaigns showing up questions not relevant for their target audience.

What to do?

At the ad set level, Quora offers the capacity to exclude certain locations and questions. This helps you appear more particular and relevant to your business.

Take a test on topics to recognize questions you don’t want your ads to show up. Just ensure you set up the best topic-product fit for maximum outcomes.

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Mistake #6: Opting for lowest bid 

As you have put up your targeting, now it’s time to set up your bid. As like Facebook and Pinterest, Quora also gives a suggested bid offer to you. But, still preferring to start with lowest bid, it’s a mistake. 

An advertiser on Quora; you must understand its auction.

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How it works?

To appear on an ad-qualified page, ads are considered from eligible advertisers based on keyword or topic targeting of their ad sets. And, as per Quora, ads having the highest value for the ad slots become winner.

Quora determines value by a combination of factors
  • The likelihood of the user clicking on each ad.
  • The bid of each ad.
  • The effect of showing each ad on the user experience.
What to do?

You win the closeout, when you enter as a strong contender and to show yourself as this, begin with an initial high bid.

The goal is to earn a high CTR as being in the top position. Having top ad position implies more and more individuals will see your ads as opposed to lower ad positions may.

However, you should continue testing different bids to optimize your ad results and this actually helps you understand how the Quora algorithm functions.

Mistake #7: Not considering weekly impressions

On the right-hand side of the ad set page, there is an outline of the demographic targeting given.  You should not neglect this because here are insights of your potential weekly impressions based on targeting.

What to do?

The ad set summary is barely noticeable, but it’s important for understanding the expected reach from yours chosen targeted topics/keywords. Else, you might be left wondering if all this work was worth it. And don’t be afraid to expand the topics focusing to get more weekly impressions and go a little broader to ensure you’re ready to enter the auction.

It’s possible to make mistakes, however, simply don’t get burdened by those and use ways to improve your performance. Here, in Quora Ads Manager, best elements of AdWords and Facebook have been included, making it an intuitive platform for advertisers. So, go ahead, explore & experiment with it.

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