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Creating superior pieces of content is not anymore a hidden game.

Many do it; publishing superb content every day on the web. They curate them perfectly without loopholes, but even after doing everything, WHY THEY LACK IN GETTING TRAFFIC?

Yes, you can become a blogger and continue with writing, but creating a mere piece of content doesn’t guarantee your success.

There are lot more things inspiring the success of a blog/blogger and one such driving force is to have huge traffic on the web. How can you get them?

1) Go Visual

Visuals perform strikingly when writing a blog.

They grab readers’ attention in no time and you can find out several examples on Facebook Timeline, Instagram, and Twitter.

Videos and infographics work as a better way to communicate with the audience and really make them know what you are talking about.

There are a few tools like Visme and Canva using which you can make visuals within minutes.


2) Reduce loading time of your blog

Whether you are making a blog website for your users or Google, make sure it’s loading is minimum, say fractions of a second or in seconds.

It means you click the “enter” button and the website should be opened.

But, how would you do this?

First, you should minimize the plugins added in your website because plugins give an additional load to the website. Try to add an all-in-one plugin to make loading more efficient.

Reduce the sizes of your images or customize those images as per the capacity of the website. You can use or BJ Lazy Load tools for the compression of images.

3) Use social sharing buttons on posts

Recently, it has been found that posts with social sharing buttons get a better response than those which don’t have such options.

Write emphatic headlines which are short and precise for social media platforms. Also, add hashtags and usernames.

Addition of social sharing buttons makes your sharing purpose easy and increases the number.


4) Turn a visitor into a lead

A post that includes a solid CTA or call-to-action encourages your reader for taking desired actions i.e. to move to another post, subscribe to your list or to visit your blogs again and again along with getting subscribed to your everyday post notifications.

Here’s an example:

call to action

5) HARO can bring relevant traffic

Use HARO aka “Help a reporter” which is a “free publicity” service that brings reporters and other qualified resources on the same page.

Being a blogger, you must be story creator and that is a useful aspect.

You can do a free sign up and just need to briefly introduce yourself to HARO query that will help you in getting high-quality inbound links to your blog.

6) Build your brand with Quora

Quora, the popular question-answer platform has become one of the best ways to do content marketing and drive traffic for your blog.

How Quora helps you build your brand?

It lets you meet with 1.5 million monthly visitors, do you need more people to become popular and the traffic remains across the world.

You just need to add your blog posts and article links as your resources in the answer box.

If you are aware about your topic, you shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for answering. If you want to remain connected with all the relevant topics, you can join the communication threads and share your knowledge about a particular topic.


7) Share more than once

Garett Moon, the CEO and Co-Founder of LinkedIn, writes about the importance of numbers of blog sharing activities one of his posts on KISSmetrics.  He has suggested that brands/businesses should share their blogs as much as they can.

Many of them just “share once and forget”, but this practice is not enough to bring desired results. Marketers feature posts on their blogs and after sharing it for once on social media, leave them.  There is an increased probability that your ideas might not have reached your targeted audiences initially; what to do then?

To resolve this problem, share your posts as many times you can; but in a smarter way. Keep doing with a social media strategy and accepting users available on the platform.

An example shown by Garett Moon is here-

Social sharing


These above-mentioned tactics can be useful for driving relevant traffic and high-quality inbound links.

Stick to the contemporary content creation and link building techniques for your blog traffic goals.

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