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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has been the hot subject throughout the year 2016 among the advertisers and its success lies in its ability to generate more qualified leads, traffic for businesses within a short span.

This year, a number of techniques and trends for PPC have evolved too. And, to achieve better online success, each one should be cleverly evaluated.

Here is a roundup of a few PPC trends & techniques you want to know about in 2017:

#1 Personalized Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting will require maximum of consideration going into the future. Space will welcome even more features to boost audience targeting; to reach customers at the right time. You can achieve greater targeting to your custom user audience by using different initial party knowledge source/tools like Google’s client Match or RLSA, or CRM databases.

As more marketers begin to adopt audience targeting, additional search engine resources will work to make it easier. It is promoting the addition of customized parameters in search ads and development of dynamic ads.

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 #2 Lookalike Audiences

In 2017, the lookalike audiences are another most important trend of PPC. If you want to grow target audience, this trend is going to be a key.

Lookalike audience shares certain common interests with your core target audience. By advertising to both your audiences (core & lookalike), you can generate more clicks and more sales.

Facebook surpasses at finding lookalike audiences but Google is holding up fast. It is very helpful in increasing conversion rates in a PPC campaign.

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#3 Click-to-Message Google Ads

Google introduced click-to-text in AdWords search ads in October 2016 and these ads have been bringing the efficiency and effectiveness of messaging to search ads. By setting up a message extension, you give users an easy way to text you to start a conversation and continue it whenever possible for them.

This trend is a faster way to connect with consumers on mobile to increase conversion rates.

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#4 More Characters for Text Ads

With Google, you now have 2x the space to use in text advertisements. Bigger space is apt because it lets you write more descriptive ad copy.

With this, you can create noticeable and emotional ads that searchers can’t resist clicking on.

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More text means greater visibility. This may cost more due to higher CTRs and CPC values, but you’ll have a higher conversion rate as well, with more real estate SERPs.

#5 Specialization in Video Marketing

Video Advertising is the most popular trend of PPC in the year 2017. The revenue from online video ads is estimated to reach $5 billion in 2016.

Video ads, a method to capture the imagination of the target audience thus generating increased returns. These ads educate customers about products and services, developing customization that leads to higher conversion rates.

These ads enable the businesses to connect with the customers in a more personal and cooperative level and to acquire more traffic and leads to their website.

With the relocation of Google’s True View ads to the AdWords interface, the video campaigns and budget management has become very easy and simple.

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#6 Google Shopping Ads

In July 2015, Google announced expandable Shopping Ads. If you are doing PPC for an online retail store for a large number of products – creating a Shopping Campaign is important.

First, you need a Google Merchant Account. And, once that is in place you need to link your Merchant Account to your AdWords account and create a Shopping Campaign.

The main benefits of the New Google Shopping Campaigns consist of:
  • Product focused
  • Advanced reporting experiences
  • Control with custom labels and campaign importance
  • Access to competitive metrics

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#7 Go Mobile-friendly

Optimized content for mobile devices is the way forward in PPC marketing; hence, the content on landing pages must support conversions to acquire the benefits of mobile marketing.

Including PPC advertising features for reshuffling, user experience is desirable. The main challenge of developing landing pages for mobile users is their loading time; use acronyms, clickable contact numbers, simple graphic designs, and direct content.

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Mobile-friendly websites must always take into account building that may help you to maximize calls and leads.

So, these latest PPC trends expand wider opportunities for the online marketers to reach their target customers in a much shorter period of time.

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