Do you need to improve the search rank of your blog?

If you have multiple high-quality websites links to your blog articles, it reveals to search engines that your blog offers valuable information.

In this article, you’ll know how to choose high quality link partner for your blog post.

1) Check out Google site index


If any webpage doesn’t show up in Google, it’s not a good sign. You should avoid the site overall.  The ultimate sign of bad web page is the lack of its presence in Google.

If that site is not indexed, there is no need to use it.

 2) Good and engaging writing

Terribly written article is not good for your site. If you want your link to get clicked on, the article has to be interesting and engaging. If readers don’t find it engaging they will never go to that site again.

3) Ever second post written by a Guest Author

Sometimes guest post can be little misleading, as many guest posts are paid posts.

So, you don’t want to put your link on a site with lots of paid links. Nobody wants to put a link on a site with lots of guest posts.

4) Find people engaging with the website through social media

If you have millions of followers but no engagement, it is useless. The more engagement on your network usually leads to more clicks on your links.

You can check out the interaction of the site with social networks.  This assigns that the website is being promoted and wants to increase its traffic and reputation in the market.

5) Find out Original Source or Duplicate Content

Always try to get a link from original source instead of small publishing or blog hosting site. It is always best to find original source and work to place a link there.

6) Avoid site related to gambling/payday loans/drugs/porn

Your link building for site is useless if your link is related to these industries.  You should avoid these kinds of sites unless it really and truly makes sense to get a link from them.

7) What Website traffic looks like?

You want the majority of your traffic to come from the site’s geographic target area. You need to see it slow and increasing.

You do not want to see big traffic crashes or traffic coming from known link farms and groups.


So, above mentioned are the 7 points you need to consider before deciding on a link partner.

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