4 Powerful plugins to Boost your WordPress site in 2017

Lead generation must be a top priority with your online marketing strategy. While it is important to give your website an expert look to introduce confidence in your probable clients, it is so important to convert potentials leads to loyal clients.

Without lead generation, it’s nearly difficult to discover new opportunities and relate with loyal clients.

There are several best WordPress lead generation plugins that are the most effective to generate and convert leads into a database of potential clients.

Here are 7 best plugins available which can help you to generate leads.

1) OptinMonster

OptinMonster is not just a WordPress plugin. It’s a complete web-based app and the best WordPress lead generation plugins. It gives you the chance to create and use forms on your blog to get information from your website audience. It offers great features that make it easy for marketers to get new leads and customers.

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Features & Benefits
  • Design beautiful popups to capture visitor information
  • Easy-to-use editor with form preview
  • Set up split tests from within your dashboard
  • Multiple form types such as floating sidebars, slide-ins, lightbox popups and more
  • Implement Monster Links feature to display 2-step opt-in forms
  • Page level targeting: display certain forms on specific pages
  • Access detailed analytics to see how your forms are performing
  • Integration with all the leading email tools like MailChimp


2) WPForms

WPForms is the most beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin. The drag & drop online form builder makes it easy for you to create a beautiful contact form, email subscription form, payment form, and other types of online forms with just a few clicks.

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Features & Benefits
  • Multiple form types
  • Multiple add-ons (user registration, PayPal, Stripe, and more)
  • Simple UI/workflow
  • Full drag & drop functionality
  • Ready-made form templates
  • Multi-page forms
  • Built-in spam protection
  • Manage all form submissions from a single page


3) LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a lead generation and lead scoring platform for small to large B2B sales teams. It enables your B2B sales team to act on enriched data as it becomes available, in real-time.

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Features & Benefits
  • Lead generation, capture, scoring, distribution and assignment
  • Search through all leads in real-time by size, location, industry, and more
  • Export and download lead data as CSV files for offline research
  • Automatically capture form data (logins, newsletter subscriptions, and white-paper downloads)
  • Sends out weekly emails detailing top leads, their Lead score and direct calls-to-action


4) Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a web-based app that makes it easy for website owners to chat with their visitors from anywhere. It integrates with WordPress via a free plugin.

If you’re not online, your chat box converts into a lead capture form. You’ll never miss a chance to engage new clients.

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Features & Benefits
  • Respond to visitors on the go with the Pure Chat app for iOS and Android
  • Customizable recorded responses for common questions
  • Visitors can leave contact info when you’re not online
  • Full chat transcript history
  • User ratings for interactions
  • Geo-location data for users to know where your visitors are from

Free/ paid

5) InTrigger

InTrigger is a free plugin designed to help you capture more subscribers for your mailing list without using popup forms to do so.

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Features & Benefits
  • Hide post content and invite the user to subscribe or click to display full post
  • Insert a form or message in the middle of a selection of posts
  • Display a floating bar at the top/bottom of screen after some scroll
  • 6 default forms with easy customization (background color, font-size, etc.)
  • Powerful targeting rules (pages selection, number of pages visited, device, etc.)
  • Shortcodes to apply on a specific template/page
  • Performance statistics (impressions, conversion rate)
  • Export your contacts (CSV) & synchronize them with other email marketing tools


6) Optin Ninja

Optin Ninja is a premium WordPress plugin for building sign up squeeze pages for your website with two-step options and A/B testing to grow your email list.

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Features & Benefits
  • Use one-step or two-step opt-in process to maximize conversions
  • Using A/B tests is extremely easy + graphs give you in-depth analytics
  • Fully responsive website
  • 20+ templates available with new ones downloadable straight from the plugin
  • Facebook connect and custom forms are also supported
  • 300+ bundled photos and tiled backgrounds to help you get started
  • All subscribers can be stored in a local database


7) Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin used to create scarcity marketing campaigns to boost sales. It creates countdown timers and limited time offer widgets that can be set on special campaigns, recurring events and evergreen campaigns to generate sales.

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Features & Benefits
  • Pre-made design templates
  • Easy customization with the visual editor
  • Time zones supported
  • Multiple trigger types
  • Campaign Types (Fixed Date / Recurring / Evergreen / Multi-Page)
  • Countdown Timer (Widget Area / Floating Header Bar/ Floating Footer Bar)
  • Mobile responsive designs



Lead Generation is crucial in handling your website and if you are not generating leads and building lists, you are missing out on a lot of potential clients.

With just a few simple plugins and minimal effort, you can make some big steps in your lead generation.

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