If you are using WordPress for writing your blogs or doing the content management for your website, then you are to be congratulated for making an excellent choice. We do hope you are also aligning your WordPress content with social media feeds to get high rankings on search engine results pages. From our morning breakfast to the hour we spend with our mobile phones in bed before going to sleep, a large part of those waking hours is spent on the internet, out of which a large part is spent on some of the other social media sites. If you are not yet doing that, you have nothing to worry about, because some very useful WordPress plugins allow you to do just that. Experts at Tayloright aver that there are almost 40000 WordPress plugins to choose from!! Let us list a few of them for you here.

1) TwineSocial


All your latest social media content can be directly fed on to your website or blog using this plugin, and it supports all the popular social media apps. This plugin gives you the flexibility to arrange your feeds by social media profiles, hashtag titles, type of media and various other media. It is compatible to all the social media apps that are most preferred by users, but you can pick and choose which of these social media you wish to include in your feed, depending upon the flavor of your website or blog. 

2) Juicer


The addition of social media names is pretty easy on this plugin, and you need to only provide your account name on the particular social media, or a hashtag of your choice. The feeds of the selected social media profiles would appear in a very stylish manner on your blog or website, but you also have the additional option of adding permalinks to your posts on your social media profiles. This plugin comes with search engine optimization features and also several analytics outputs.

3) Social Streams


If your website leans more heavily on pictures than text, then this plugin is just right for you. It doesn’t try to be everything for all social media apps but focusses only on Twitter and Instagram. You can integrate shortcode using this plugin, and you get a layout structured like a grid of images. The ease of use is a feature which makes this plugin well accepted, and following close behind come to the auto approval and the full-page event stream.

4) Feed Them Social


The most useful feature is that the feeds it provides are equally compatible across all devices. This responsiveness makes it useful in today’s age because a lot of browsing is done on mobile phones instead of computers or laptops. You can arrange the photographs or videos from your social media posts easily using this plugin. You can pay for the premium version of this plugin and get the ability to customize the number of posts you want to add from each of your feeds.

5) Facebook Social Stream


As the name suggests, this plugin is designed specifically for Facebook, which is one of the most popular social media apps. But that doesn’t mean you need to always rely on the Facebook API key, and it gives you simplicity and flexibility without compromising the quality of your feeds. You don’t even need to tamper with the CSS when you need to modify the look and feel of the Facebook feed on your website. Apart from Facebook content, you can also embed YouTube videos using this plugin.

6) AccessPress Instagram Feed



Again, this is a plugin dedicated solely to the Instagram social media app. This plugin uses the mosaic format to present your pictures. There are three possible layouts you could choose for the design of the feed – lightbox, slider and regular. The interface is very user-friendly and brings a dash of color and variety to your blog.

7) LinkedIn Auto Publish


After Facebook and Instagram, let us move our attention to the professional app LinkedIn. Depending on what your website or blog is about, and whom it is targeting, you might need a dedicated feed from the career-oriented LinkedIn, and this plugin allows you to do just that. No selection or filtering is required, as this plugin automatically publishes your LinkedIn posts on your website.

WordPress is, without doubt, one of the most useful and therefore popular content management systems, but its utility is increased manifold with the help of the specific plugins that are now available. A majority of these plugins are free, but there are several which offer priced variants as well.

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