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Every website uses online forms to collect user information and so, form design turns out to be so important.

Regardless of whether it’s to capture lead info, offer subscription or to encourage event registration, your website online form designs make a huge difference.

It can have the effect between generating a new sales lead and causing a visitor to bounce.

As an incredible tool for B2B lead generation, online forms can used in different ways, enabling you to get the data you need to build a database to be used further for the distribution of your marketing communications.

Below mentioned are 7 of the different online forms you can use for your site and additionally, along with some tips you should know to ensure you’re doing it right.

1) Newsletter Signup

Newsletters are extraordinary compared to other ways to produce and dig leads towards constancy. It makes users get drew in with your brand and keep it top-of-mind when purchase decisions are to be made.

These forms are simple, where users are required to submit one or two fields. Newsletter forms establish marketing communication as giving users a chance to express their desire to consume a brand’s content on regular basis.

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2) Sales Contact

It’s important to grab the opportunity when a prospect reaches the stage where sale is to happen. Here, your Sales Form can play an important role collecting your users’ info and driving them specifically to your sales team as quickly as possible.

The form requests for sales-particular information and helps you leverage the chance that the prospects are prepared to make a purchase.

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3) Event Registration

If you have a better form design, better are the chances to increase attendee registration. In spite of the fact that you have put a great deal of thought, time, and exertion into arranging your event, it’s time to come up with an online form focused on dealing with your attendees. It should effortlessly convey event-specific information like time, venue, event schedule, etc.

Building an effective event registration form is important and you need a good form design that keeps registrants moving towards the ‘Submit’ button without much thought or effort.

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4) Customer Feedback

Customer feedback forms/surveys come to use after your customers have gotten products or services. Here, you might want to know how satisfied are they with the offering; how satisfied are they with the sales process; how did they come to know about your brand; etc.

When there is a good form design, users tend to give information and it is useful in deciding your business/brand’ next steps in performance assessment.

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5) Online Order and Payments

By including an online order and payment form on your site for prompt sales conversions, you give your prospects the choice to buy at their convenience.

It’s smarter to make the buying process as simple and advantageous as possible, as opposed to making your customers wait before they can pay you. It just appears to be outlandish.

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6) Account Signup

Take an example of any of the Social Media websites, users can’t get engaged with these platforms unless they create an account.

For sort of businesses that require memberships, this form is needed. The form helps set up marketing communications and drives prospect towards a purchase decision without putting any pressure.

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7) Contest Registration

These forms allow users to register for a contest entry and contests as known are highly-engaging strategies helping marketers build brand awareness.

Though the form gets submitted mainly for the possibility of winning a prize and nothing more, it can help you further in converting those users from contestants to sales leads.

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