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Searching for the ideal Twitter Header for your business page?

It’s time to get inspired & creative!  Your header image gives you space and capability to exhibit your business. And with consideration and good design, you stand out surrounded by millions of active social media users.

And, to help you seize added creativity, we are discussing here 7 tips to design a great header that will speak of your business exactly how you want.

Let’s get started:

1) The right image size

When making a Twitter header for your business, make certain the image fits the proper size requirements. If it doesn’t meet the criteria, a great portion of your image will get cropped off, and the image may appear misshaped.

The perfect twitter header size is of 1500px wide by 500px tall, but the top and bottom of the image gets cropped off after being uploaded as you can see illustrated below.

dsim image

Here’s how Twitter header looks like after being uploaded:

dsim image

Make sure you take care of the invisible areas on the top and bottom of your Twitter header. It can be done effectively leaving empty space at the top and bottom of your header photo & ensure no important design elements are there on the position. Create an awesome twitter header in Canva.

2) The profile picture formatting

It’s a big challenge as Twitter holds the ability to change the format of profiles, letting picture taking up space on your Twitter header. Ensuring your profile image doesn’t meddle with your header photo is actually difficult as the position of profile picture remains in relation with the cover photo and gets changed relying upon screen’s resolution.

dsim image

To get it done, you can use tool like Snappa delivering Twitter headers with built-in safe zones. You can have your Twitter header image focus to be on the right side. This balances out the image while also ensuring that nothing important gets blocked.

3) Pick an image representing your brand

Your Twitter Header is here to effectively represent your brand and so, should match overall branding. You can add your brand’s logo to the image, or choose a header image that matches your brand’s colors.

dsim image

The image from Uber is a good example as it subtly features things i.e. technology & cities being served. The header is a smart, well-designed visual reflection of its core values. It has also featured the brand’s logo in its profile image giving it a more complete look.

4) Feature high-quality images

To make your business look professional, use a high-quality image as header. Beautiful and in high-resolution photographs lend a stunning effect. Prefer clean and professionally made graphics as Lego has done here.

dsim image

There are several solutions available; you can pick images from stock photo sites like Unsplash, StockSnap, offering stunning high-resolution images for free or can use design software.

5) Grasp proper contrast

When designing a Twitter header, make sure that your text contrasts with your background in order to make text readable. To ensure proper contrast is one of the important graphic design tips.

If you use light colored text over a light colored background, it gets difficult to see. The same remains true for dark text over a dark background.

dsim image

KISSMetrics has carried here a beautiful example with their header wherein it has included a dark overlay over its background image, making the white text pop.

6) Use Whitespace to your benefit

Your Twitter header having white space or open space makes it easier to direct users’ look towards what you want them to concentrate on. Images with plenty of white space look clean and sorted out, free of the over-jumbled feeling that typically make pictures look unprofessional.

dsim image

Taco Bell’s this Twitter header is simple & consistent. Plus, the brand has used use fun, bright colors to create a unique, thematic experience. This is a great trick as quickly processing what users are seeing by improving content legibility.

7) Keep it simple

A great Twitter header can be as simple as your team photograph or a background image with some text over top. Generally, the simpler is the better.

dsim image

So, it’s important to keep your twitter header simple. You should communicate the message behind your brand as concisely as possible.

It’s your Twitter Header image that gives users the first impression of your business. So, make sure it encapsulates your brand. When you use high quality, distinctive images splendidly proportioned to Twitter’s specifications and harmonizing with your branding, you bring immaculate portrayal of your business.

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