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Snapchat is a platform that every marketer needs to leverage to generate maximum ROIs from their digital efforts.

Snapchat Marketing is a new aspect but it will prove to be resourceful in the long run. It provides ample opportunities for marketers to tap into the audience and tell new stories.

  • This social networking platform can only be accessed from mobile and it is bringing more than 6 billion video views daily.
  • It has 158 million daily active users
  • Average number of snaps shared every Second are 9000

To help you measure your success rate in a better and efficient way, and then improve marketing efforts, we have gathered up 7 metrics that you should focus on, so get in action.

1) Examine Follower Growth

It is necessary to determine from where your Snapchat followers are coming from so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

You must know that how your followers are finding out about your brand, so that you can optimize the source and make it easier for people to find and connect with you.

You get to know how your audience is growing if you track your followers and changes occurring in it daily. With the help of this metric, it becomes easier to change the strategies accordingly.

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2) Total Unique Views

The total numbers of unique views are the people who have opened the first frame of your story even for a second. With the help of unique views, marketers can easily find out that how many users are looking at the first snap of their story every 24 hours.

This platform allows you to post unlimited number of snaps of each 10 seconds or less than 10 seconds long. You can engage your users with your Snapchat stories by posting unlimited number of snaps and calculating the unique views you are getting from it.

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3) Total Story completions

You can post stories which can be of one snap or may contain 100 of snaps. The best way to market your content on Snapchat is to make a story which contains multiple snaps compiled into one cohesive video for the 24-hour window.

To know the total story completions you can track the views you get per snap on multiple frames long story. So, this works as a good indication to let you know that who viewed your story till the end. The number of people, who watched it all the way through consumed your content.

4) Monitor Total Opens

The total numbers of views on your Snapchat story are referred to as the total opens. With the help of this metric you can track the success rate of your content and how much growth you have achieved.

Monitoring total opens closely is necessary to know that you are getting as many views on your content as you expected. The series of snaps you upload must recite a story to the viewers; so that you can keep them engage all throughout. By tracking total opens you also get to know that the number of views you were getting have increased or decreased to get an idea whether your marketing efforts are doing good for you or not.

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5) Track Number of Screenshots

Screenshots work as the most important signal as they provide the insights that how many people actually like your snaps. A number of screenshots work as a tool to gain the insights from the audience directly. With the help of this metric, you get to know that how many people have saved your snaps by taking a screenshot.

Snapchat offers no likes, comments, shares etc. so, the best way to know the engagement rate is by tracking the number of screenshots. By asking people about their favorite product design, you can easily ask them to take the screenshot of the one they liked the most and this way you get to know which one of them they prefer.

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6) Monitor Completion Rate

Completion rate is the percentage of people who have watched the beginning of the story compared to the ones who have watched it till the end. Completion rate is the most important metric of engagement to know which particular piece of content is generating most of the views.

It is suggested to create crisp and short stories to keep your viewers engaged with it all throughout and get better completion rates.

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7) Calculate Average Open Rates

This metric is important to assess your marketing popularity on Snapchat. Higher open rates signify that you are getting the higher level of engagements.

This metric only works for those accounts and profiles that have a viable base of audience. So, make sure you post interesting stories which have a significant opening, middle and ending to keep the viewers engaged.

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Record your results with these metrics and create a winning marketing strategy for this less-used social networking platform and reach your target audience. So, now easily manage and analyze your performance on Snapchat by tracking and monitoring it with the help of these metrics.

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