Recently we published an article on how video marketing helps you generate big revenue. In this article we are going to discuss about a report based on a survey conducted among 2,000 consumers globally. The study reveals that how an enhanced video experience leads to more accomplishment, higher loyalty and more social sharing and that why seven in ten (76%) consumers cite video as their preferred content source when consuming brand information.

Major Highlights

• 79% of consumers favor digital content over traditional
• More than one in ten (12%) consumers prefers to consume content from brands on their Smartphone, tablet or mobile application.
• 24% of the consumers find video as the most trusted source of brand content, of which 44% find video as appealing while 28% find it engaging , 29% authentic and 10% sharable

The Impact of a Good Video Experience

35% consumers find video as more memorable if it is of high quality. Let’s see what was the impact of a good video experience on the consumers…

• 39% consumers were more likely to research the brand or product further
• 36% were more likely to tell friends and family about the brand
• 30% were more likely to become brand loyal
• 19% were more likely to share content from that brand on social media


It still requires some more effort and that there is still work to do to improve the video experience. A lot of things are there that need to be taken care of such as video streaming, launch time, buffering and so on. Let’s see what consumers’ outlook on this.

• 32% believe better quality streaming can improve video experience
• 31% believe it to be faster launch times
• 30% said less buffering

One after the other all these responses clearly show that how consumers have become so focused about experience that is being delivered to them. So, being a marketer if you really want to keep up with today’s tech savvy consumers, you need to understand how important it is to include video in your marketing mix. They need to understand that video has not remained just as an add-on but has become an opportunity for engagement that sits at the heart of the marketing strategy. All they need to do is to deliver a high quality, relevant and engaging video experience to end users, and in turn higher brand engagement, increased loyalty higher, more content sharing and higher referral rates can benefit them tremendously.

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What makes video content an important part of the marketing mix?

Marketers get a unique opportunity to engage with consumers through videos!

• 21% of consumers feel more emotionally connected with a brand following a strong video experience
• 25% of consumers prefer branded video content as 26% of them find it more engaging and 22% find it personable.
• 76% of consumers cite video as their preferred content source when consuming brand information
• 79% of consumers at present favor digital content over traditional, with 12% preferring to consume content from brands on their smartphone, tablet or mobile application
• 24% of the consumers surveyed find video as the most trusted source of brand content

Tactics used by Marketers to improve the branded video experience for consumers

When it was asked to the consumers as to what would they like to see more of from branded video content, video delivery was found to be ranked more important than video content. Let’s see!

• 32% of consumers want better quality streaming from brands
• 33% would like more relevant and engaging content
• 31% are calling for faster launch times while 30% voted for less buffering
• 24% want branded content to be more tailored to their individual needs

Hence, video delivery is the thing and that to meet the video performance needs of today’s consumers you need to pay attention to three things:

1. Faster loading speeds
2. Quicker launch times
3. Less buffering

The reckonable benefits of adding video content to the marketing mix

Video increases brand engagement tremendously. Let’s see how consumers behave after watching a good video from a brand:

• 39% of consumers are more likely to research the subject further
• 36% are more likely to tell friends and family about the brand
• 30% are more likely to become loyal
• 21% find them to be feeling more emotionally connected with that brand
• 19% are more likely to share messages from that brand on social media

So deliver a high quality video experience to end and get benefitted from

• Higher brand engagement
• Increased loyalty
• More content sharing
• Higher referral rates


• Video helps marketers increase website conversion rates by more than 65%
• Website conversion rate for brands using video content is 4.8% compared with only 2.9% for brands not investing in video
• By using video brands experience a €70 cost per lead compared with a €88 cost per lead for non-video using brands

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