Facebook Polls work as amongst various types of content present on Social Media, people do prefer to like and get engaged with questions the most.

Viewers adore answering questions concerning themselves and so, polls have been discovered doing great on the web. In fact, polls can greatly increase the consumer engagement.

A very much outlined Facebook poll is a standout amongst the most capable Facebook marketing tools and hence, is important.

Let’s figure out how to make them; there are a ton of tools available, and here is the most inclusive list of Facebook polling tools you will found anywhere.

1) Facebook Business Manager 

It’s required to admin either a Facebook Page or Group to create a Facebook Poll and with Facebook Business Manager; you get a suite of helpful tools to administer a Facebook Page.

business manager

You can make a simple, one-question poll from any Page you administer. In the Update Status box of a page, there is a plus sign in “Event, Milestone +” and after clicking it, appears the Question option to type whatever poll question you want to be answered in the status box. Further, you can add your individual options too.

business manager

2) Facebook Audience Insights

The more you know about your audience, the better.

Facebook Audience Insights gives you a source to profile your customer and understand which polls would best convert.

The Audience Insights research and Facebook polls together bring everything you need to make a poll result-oriented.

facebook audience insight

3) Opinion Polls by Fans Vote

This is a standout amongst the most widely used and comprehensive poll applications on Facebook as ideal for brands that are eager to engage with their fans.

poll another app

‘Opinion Polls’ brings personalized and customized options within its premium services.  With impressive tags and lay out, the app helps you gain organic search traffic for your polls.

4) SurveyMonkey 

SurveyMonkey makes it easy for users to gather opinions, insights, and information from people on Facebook and then, simply create a SurveyMonkey survey.

survey monkey

Types of Polls and Surveys one can use in Facebook:
  • Online Polls
  • Facebook Use
  • Fun Surveys
  • Event Planning
  • Market Research
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Academic Surveys
  • Technology Surveys
  • Travel and Hospitality Surveys

SurveyMonkey offers you tons of survey types and ready-to-use survey templates to use on Facebook. Take a look and then create and deliver your survey today!

5) Polls for Pages

This app gives power-user features over the default Facebook poll and is considered widely. ‘Polls for Pages’ allows you to add video & pictures to the group poll and also to export the results to a spreadsheet.

polls for pages

How to create a poll?
  • Begin by clicking “Start Now” on the app page
  • Then pick a title for your poll
  • Confirm app permissions and begin asking questions for your poll
  • Having the poll set up ready, save & preview it; you can bring a change in layout if needed
  • Once done, hit Publish, and get your poll up and running

6) Cupli Surveys

Cupli Surveys is one of the services on Facebook that provide respondents for online polls. You get respondents from whatever demographics you need and it is an important service for those starting out. It also helps you prepare enterprise-grade analytical reports.


7) Polldaddy

With Polldaddy, you can make customized surveys, polls, quizzes, and ratings. With available options, Polldaddy proves to be a useful polling tool for your toolbox. It has three plans to choose from, with each stage adding extra features. 




polldaddy pricing

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