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Your landing page is there to push every visitor the correct way. This, in turn, should help boost your conversion rates, converting cold traffic into hot leads.

And, when your landing page is not converting or possibly, not converting as much as you hoped, you need to work on it.

Let’s figure out what haven’t you tried:

1) Keep it minimal

A short variant of your page can acquire significant impact and so, is a good practice.

When your landing page is not converting, keep it minimal. Here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Break heavy copy with numbers and icons
  • Be specific of how many images and fields you include on your page
  • Emphasize just what makes a difference
  • Use white space effectively
  • Break up your landing page into sections
  • For form fields, use dropdowns in place of text field as it takes out the need to type
  • If possible, use radio buttons in place of dropdowns as it maintains a strategic distance from an extra click

apple's macbook

Apple’s MacBook subpage 2017 

2) Try simplifying headline

You have 5 seconds to pull your audience in after arriving on your landing page. And, so, you need to unmistakably converse what’s being offered and assure a clear, detailed benefit to the audience.

Your headline and subheader together should obviously communicate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)/ what makes you exceptional as a business.

An example by Square:


The headline is straightforward and concise, backed by a subheader explaining additional about the product being sold.

Headline “Start Selling Today” here is extremely simple and gives an understanding with reference to what you can expect when you hit that “Get Started” button.

Consider testing an improved variant and avoid headline containing unnecessary fluff.

3) Your main CTA to be the only clickable action

When multiple links are given in your landing page, your audience is given the chance to quit the objective you’ve expected for your campaign.

But when the only clickable action to take is your main call-to-action, conversion rate goes far up.

To improve for greater conversions, there should be a landing page with only one goal.

Dispose of all diversions by removing all connections except your one call-to-action button. It’s basically a good practice.


4) Stay reliable with your CTA

Look at your main CTA and make everything in your landing page from copy to imagery in support of this.

example 4

Try not to blather on about your brand and consider examining what will be sheltered in the offering whether it’s an e-book, a demo, a webinar and also, how people can benefit from it. Additionally, make your CTA button personal and make it stand out.

5) Put on view a progress bar

A progress bar is used to pass on a progression through a progression of steps, enabling your audience to picture the end goal.

“If your landing page contains a multi-step form that surpasses a two-step, believe using a progress bar to indicate the length of that form. This will support visitors to complete their action all the way through.”

A progress bar becomes an effective element to add in when a review or questionnaire is involved. 


6) Include a pricing plan on need

It prevails as a stronger belief to never disclose pricing on a landing page in fear of low conversion rates, but contrary to it, including a pricing plan tends to do better for landing page conversion.

Several SaaS businesses and companies following the subscription models have made it so. 

example 6

7) Try “Breadcrumb Technique” 

The Breadcrumb Technique recommends beginning with smaller requests before asking for personal information, such as name, e-mail or phone number.

The primary approach should be coming in with a conversation starter, trailed by a light conversation, and ultimately leading up to scoring some personal information.

The strategy helps visitors to finish what they have started. People who have completed the initial step are more inclined to finish what they started. 

example 7

example 7.1

Improving your landing page performance is not an easy task, yet with enough experimenting, you may bring a lift in your conversion rate. There are really various ongoing experiments strategies you can use to keep on increasing it.

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