Your habits are something that can indeed make or break your life. Apart from a few exceptions, God has bestowed all of us with almost the same intellect but these are the habits that we develop in our own way. Why a few people are found to be highly successful while others end their lives somewhere near to where they started their journey. Perhaps, because the habits that they have cultivated is different from that of others. Even Mahatma Gandhi has said about this –“Your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” So, it is your habits that decide the fate of your destiny.

We went ahead and researched about the habits of the highly successful people around and found that there are so many things that they have in common especially most of their habits. Here are seven most common habits of highly successful people..



h 1 Almost all of them, yes all of the highly successful people had a great self –control. Anger was something that they would seldom have shown. It was not that nothing displeased them but they knew very well how to deal with the situation keeping their anger in control.



h 2 The second thing that was common in all of the highly successful people was teamwork perhaps because they knew that the level of success that can be achieved in a team cannot be achieved alone. In team you get to combine the unique qualities of all the team members and have distinguished opinions to match with that of the audiences.

Planning before implementations


h 3 Almost all the highly successful people would work according to a predefined strategy. They would make a meticulous plan sheet before making any implementations, keeping a record of even what to do in case of failures.


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Mutual Benefits intentions


h 4 People often think that a good benefit maker thinks about himself only or himself first, which is however a myth. All those people who have attained a great success in their lives are found to have mutual benefit intentions in any kind of relationship whether it is business or some other.

Responsible towards actions


h 5 You will hardly find a successful person in the world who will not account for his actions. In fact, they succeed because they are very meticulous at taking actions and they are meticulous at taking every action because they are responsible towards their actions.

Listening thoroughly before speaking their minds


h 6 All of us want to get understood while putting across our point however how many of us first try to understand the matter. This is what! A successful person would listen thoroughly before speaking his mind, which makes him more intellectual and efficient as now he will speak keeping other’s opinion in his mind.

Treating time as the most valuable thing


h 7 Last but the most important among all is the time. They say time is money however if you think it over once you will realize that time is in fact far more precious and valuable than money. All the highly successful people are found to be giving their utmost priority and importance to time. You can earn money again but you would never be able to bring the past time back. Besides, there is no any time machine invented as of now and perhaps in future too there is no any prospect as such.

So, don’t get despaired that you are just one of those people crawling on earth like the small creatures as if they are an ant or a centipede. Who says God writes success in our fate. Just try to develop good habits, get rid of your bad habits and feel the difference.



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