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Have you heard of Google Tag Manager?

If you’ve never heard of Google Tag Manager (GTM), you are undoubtedly missing lots of advantages. We’ll talk about the benefits later on; let’s first know what it is.

What is Google Tag Manger?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you manage, eliminate and use marketing tags- including snippets of code or tracking pixels and remarketing on your website (or mobile app) without having to change the code.

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According to Google, “Google Tag Manager helps make tag management simple, easy and reliable by allowing marketers and webmasters to deploy website tags all in one place.”

What are Tags?

Tags are snippets of website code or tracking pixels that measure traffic and visitor behavior. They make easy to target your audience, leverage remarketing, and test and improve your site.

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Here are 7 lesser-known features of Google Tag Manager, inspiring you to weigh in:

#1 It speeds up processes

Google tag manager will help speed up many processes. The modification can be done on a speedy level. They do not need code changes to the website.

This is great because it can speed up the launch time and confirm your audience won’t be killing their time waiting for a page to load.

You don’t need to reexamine the site time and again to confirm that the changes have all gone through.

People who find sites that load fast and productive always value it.

#2 It’s Easy to use

It allows the team to make updates and include new tags rapidly and effectively, without complex code modifications to the site.

This supports the team to test each change and use when ready without the support of an IT developer, which simplifies the method, speeds time to launch, and permits the IT department to concentrate on larger tasks like enhancing the site in general.

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#3 Refines Script Management

It makes future upgrades and enhancements much simpler, as changes can be done through GTM and not on each page of your website.  You’re on the right path to refining your scripts management.

Additionally, if you’re seeing an upgrade to Universal Analytics, GTM’s upgrades will make the steady change much easier.

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#4 It has built-in Debug features

Make sure that your tags are working well before you hit the publish button on live site.

GTM has built-in debug features which let the team test and debug each update in your browser on your real site before publishing the change.

Once you implement this, you’ll no longer have to concern about debugging scripts on your site.

Also, take advantage of Chrome extensions, such as Tag Manager Injector and Tag Assistant that make debugging even simpler.

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#5 It does Auto Event tracking

Usually, event tracking included adding code to the website to track visitor events like clicks, video engagement, and form entries.

Its auto event tracking feature removes the need to manually tag each link you need to track.

Rather, you can target links or buttons by features that are as of now on the link or by using a consistent naming structure.

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#6 It has Pre-Built Tags

GTM has a flood of built-in tags for Google AdWords, Analytics, conversions, remarketing, as well as many, many third-party tags.

If you’ve never done coding before, you’re assured to value the ease of this feature.

You can simply customize and set any built-in tag with just a few simple questions and without the barrier of applying code.

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#7 It has Version Control feature

Google Tag Manager comes with the version control built-in feature. Every time you publish a change to a website, it creates a new archived version.

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It makes easy to roll back to a former version easily. This is an ideal way to keep tags organized and troubleshoot tagging faults and allows you to easily implement similar installations on new GTM container.



As technology keeps on pushing ahead, more web leaders are making the move towards Google Tag Manager.

They’re streamlining their sites and are appreciating more visitors than ever before. It’s the ideal timing and you should make the move.

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