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Facebook has always helped its users with imperative takeaways. Let’s see, what productive takeaways it has brought for its users in recent times? Here we go-

1) Clear Your Dating History 

If you want to clear your privacy details, better dating details, you can do it in one swoop.

Facebook claims the Clear History feature is all set to erase your chat details that you want to keep private.

2) AR/VR

If you think AR and VR are just about games and fun, you need to grab some more knowledge.

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Now, AR is turning out to be eminently imperative for the shared social experience on social media and also lets you know how products sold, from AR Chatbots to Facebook 3D posts.

Soon, there will be AR commerce and VR commerce included in Facebook ads.

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3) 3D, 360 and Augmented Content are Trending

2D flat content is being replaced by 3D and augmented content and sometimes holographic, noted Hackl. Cathy Hackl, Futurist @ You Are Here Labs and AR VR expert said the new type of content will bring challenges and opportunities for marketers at the same time.

AR and VR content is surely the future of content as well as future of human connection.

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4) Measure Facebook Analytics

Facebook suggests marketers keeping eyes on analytics as it believes in the number game. It uses data-driven from Facebook pixel to bring valuable insights about a user.

Now, is Facebook looking at Google Analytics?

The new Facebook analytics is in the process since 2017 including new features, like Journeys, FB Analytics app, and Automated Insights.

Facebook is trying to get involved in the lives of marketers in the best possible way.

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5) Use Facebook Stories

You may have used Snapchat stories and Instagram stories, but this is the time to use Facebook Stories.

Facebook got really inspired from Snapchat and thus created its own version of disappearing story format and named it Facebook Stories.

Thus this feature is booming on social media and includes filters, frames, tags, stickers and GIFs.

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6) Messenger and its new elements

Facebook announced several major new features and it’s surely a great opportunity for marketers.

The ideas for the update have been taken from the history, like 10 years ago when users get their Facebook fans to get content reach.

The Facebook is enabling users to build the page fans in the same way.

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7) Facebook Spaces

Facebook on its landing pages suggests that VR is better with friends and thus we need to know how we can get our best VR self in Facebook Spaces.

But, what is needed to do for this?

Buy Oculus Rift that is priced $399 and a PC.

Marketers need to understand Facebook Spaces and VR are next things for creating more, expressing more and capturing more.

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Facebook has always brought amazing features to the marketers to use the platform for their marketing goals. Along with this, the platform also introduces several new applications to enhance the vista.

Here are the 7 takeaways to let you know about the latest features of Facebook.

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