Wondering how to get best results from Facebook ads without making too much expenditure?

This could be possible if you are an expert and trained digital marketer making no mistakes in planning and executing the strategies.

But, there are individuals who go on making Facebook ad mistakes and thus not only lose money but also don’t get expected results.

Apart from this, they also are not aware with the kind of mistakes they have been making.

This article will talk about some common yet important Facebook advertising mistakes every marketer makes-

1) Avoiding Advantage of Optimization Rules

Whenever we talk about digital marketing procedures, we take social media optimization as an integral part.

Facebook is the spearhead in SMO and thus provides certain optimization rules made for favoring the advertising interests of marketers.

Let us understand this by an example, “Handling of Facebook ads are complex as it is time-consuming and needs day-to-day management. To shorten it out, Facebook provides “pre-set limits” to automatically adjust down the bids within acceptable limits. Making your work easy to manage.”

If you’re not following the optimization rules provided by Facebook, this is certainly a huge mistake.

Facebook ad optimization rules can be used in many ways and one of the examples is here-

You can automatically cap frequency so that can focus on other campaigns and you should never pay for impressions-



2) Not Doing Landing Page Tests

When there are tools and services offered effectively indicate that the provider wants to save your time and money, both.

But, what about marketers when they aren’t able to do this even.

Use your resources and get the best results in limited time and money.

So, when you’re advertising through Facebook, first don’t forget to do landing page tests.

Second, do it in a way that goes and finishes smoothly.

Keep the headlines and matters easy to understand on your landing page. Add a Call to Action and ensure every word talks about the benefits of your audience.

Forgetting landing page tests is certainly a big mistake when you’re aiming to earn through Facebook Advertisement.


3) Neglecting Video Promotion Marketing Methods

Over the years Facebook has come with several advertising options. The video is one of them.

If you see, up to 15,000 content pieces could be seen in a user’s feed each time log onto the account.

Comparing the Facebook video data, you’ll find “There’s more content being made than there is time to absorb it”.

After that, you can Facebook videos have a better score over posts with images and links show a decline in interactions.

Actually, there was a 10% increase in engagement for Facebook videos posts.

So, if you’re not considering videos for Facebook advertising, you’re making a mistake.

Learn Facebook video marketing skills and start using it today.


4) Not Able to Track Your Ads Consistently

Are you regularly tracking your Facebook ads?

Monitoring the ads is necessary as well as easy with Facebook automation tools.

Monitoring helps you whether your ads are resonating with your audience or annoying them.

Also, you get the idea to avoid targeting the same audience with same content again and again.

So, when you’ve got this much of benefits from the tracking and monitoring of ads, neglecting it anyway can be called a severe mistake.

You can use Facebook automation tools like Sprout Social, HubSpot and Buffer for monitoring ads.


5) Testing Too Many Ads in One Time

When you are doing online marketing, be patient. First, go for your attempts rather looking for results.

You can test different sorts of Facebook ads having images also with your target audience.

This will help you in learning which attributes of ads have offered the highest impact for viewers.

Another Facebook advertising mistake would include “isolation of various variables for testing at one time”.

This would lead to a messy picture of your results and you won’t be able to determine exact outcomes.

6) Not Able to Specify Targeting

You need to locate your audience in various respects, such as demographics, age, occupation, lifestyle, and others.

This means when you are advertising through Facebook, you need to be specific. If you’re not, it could be a grand mistake.

If your audience is too large, you should funnel it before targeting them. You can filter them on the basis of age, gender or location.

7) Not Choosing the Right Ad Type for Desired Action

When you’re a marketer, you need to determine and specify your strategies without lapsing time.

Facebook offers numerous ad types and if the marketer is unable to pick the most prosperous ad type, then efforts may go in vain.

By boosting attendance bringing people to a website to encouraging them to install an app like options are available from the side of Facebook.

You need to be familiar with each ad type and its purpose so that you can choose the right ad type for the intended action.



In marketing, there is no scope for making mistakes, so as a marketer you should avoid doing that.

Here, you need to know what are those mistakes affecting your marketing goals. And, so the above-mentioned list would be a great help to those marketers.

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