It’s mid of the year and there has already been a lot of discussions done on content marketing similar to 2017.

The last year showed us the content was used by every industry available online. This brought great results to them last year and the expectations are similar this year as well.

So, to achieve your marketing goals through content marketing, here are some latest content marketing trends-

1. User-friendly Content

Apart from producing loads of content for doing effective content marketing, it’s also important that your content should be highly relevant.

Current Google search algorithms are more advanced to decide the relevancy of content.

The search bots now easily detect whether your content has been optimized for users or not. Remember, relevancy & user-friendliness, lead to more content consumption.

This is why content marketing is considered to be one of the most vital procedures in digital marketing.

A user-friendly content piece gets more likes and shares on social media and thus, creates more buzz on the platform.


2. Employ Ephemeral Content Marketing

Ephemeral marketing since its inception done by Snapchat has leveraged every social media channel and changed social trends to a great level.

Ephemeral content serves for 24 hours and brings the users to the content due to its FOMO effect (Fear Of Missing Out).

In 2018, the ephemeral marketing will work for you, so use it appropriately. Make a proper ephemeral marketing strategy and engage your customers.


3. Micro-influencers

Social media influencers have become a topmost choice for industries to attract customers.

This is why MuseFind says “92% of customers trust influencers more than advertisements and celebrity endorsements.”


As such, currently, influencer marketing is expanding where industries are approaching industry experts, influencers to endorse/review/promote their product on different platforms.

Apart from the popularity and greatness of influencer marketing, it revolves around trust.

So, whenever you’re going to hire an influencer for your aspects, ensure you’re getting a trusted influencer.

This factor has brought micro-influencers into the action. These influencers have small but authentic followings.

So, this year micro-influencers can be useful for content marketing purposes.

4. Focus on Content Personalization

Like micro-influencers, content personalization is also a leading content marketing trend in 2018.

Customer segmentation has become an important factor to target them specifically and analytics tools prove to be essential there.


If you analyze, you’ll find that every social channel has distinct content sharing and promotion structure.

On most of the platforms, you can personalize the content using location or hashtags. Whichever platform you choose, get the best out of these features.

Making an advertising personalized content according to these features make the advertisement more powerful and bring huge engagement.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) can do Wonders

IoT has improved the communication level between customers and brands and enabling brands to become an integral part of consumer’s life.

Alexa is the best IoT form used by organizations to share content to the broader audience who’s not interested to be contacted through a device.


6. Use Super Niche Content

Everyone is producing content and this creates a chance of similarity.

So, do you think this will work for you?

You need to stand out with your content.

What marketers do to stand out-

  • Make eminently productive content that immediately goes viral
  • Narrow your content and make for a smaller niche.

Whenever you’re making a topic for your content, create it smartly. Use tools like HubSpot which can suggest in coming with an appropriate title for your content.

So, how this trend is going to benefit you?

Find the super-niche of your industry. Suppose, if fashion and style are being discussed by everyone in your industry, choose a topic for writing about fashion.


7. Live Video Makes the Difference

Live video has become a new content marketing trend and the intensity for using it has gone more intensified.

Here are some facts about the Live video which has strengthened in recent years-

Every day on Periscope, an equivalent of 110 years of live video is watched. Live videos have features to add to an already engaging form of communication.

When you make a live video, it’s completely raw and natural which effectively communicates with your audience.

Host Q&A sessions, live interviews, conduct product demonstrations or unboxing to use live videos.


When you’re focusing to make a mark with your campaign, you consider content marketing to be one of the most effective tools.

But every year you would see some new trends flourishing in the industry.  Thus, you should imply them in their new form.

Find the latest content marketing trends in 2018 which will help you to prepare best campaigns.

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