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21st century has provided you lot of mediums for promoting your business. But, when we think of a channel which brings the most intense results for marketers, then it is undoubtedly email marketing.

According to TechCrunch, “Gmail has over one billion active users as of February 2016”.

You must already be using email marketing to market your business, but now you can take the full advantage of this channel by enhancing your approach.

We’ve put together the twists you need to make in your email marketing strategy to double your revenue and grow your business.

1) Boost Email Conversion Rates by Segmenting Email lists

According to MailChimp “Segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher than non-segmented campaigns.”

Marketers should avoid sending batch-and-blast emails to the complete list. Batch-and-blast emailing is sending the same mails to all the leads you’ve collected regardless of their interests. This strategy work no more in your interest, instead you should have a segmented approach.

If you segment your email lists as per their interests, then the receiver gets relevant information in his/her mail box. By segmenting your mails you can easily boost up your conversion rate. The lists can be segmented on the basis of gender, interests, behavior, demographics, etc.

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2) Integrate Cross-selling and Upselling in your Emails

Your marketing approach should be strategic enough that it can integrate both upselling and cross-selling in your mails. Your email should be pitching and upselling that means it also presents offers and a further follow up on those offers.

By following this technique, you can not only retain customers but can also increase your revenue. You should collect the relevant data about your customer behavior and interest. For example, if someone previously purchased a game from you, then you can send them a good gaming offer.

3) Make full use of Email Automation

With the help of email marketing automation you can easily eliminate your tedious task and save time. Automated emails are more relevant, timely and personalized, so improve user experience and bring out potential results. There are various services with the help of which you can automate your emails as per timings.

It is said that future of email marketing is full-on automation. You can easily send such mails to people of different time zones at different times by using this feature. So, now stay in touch with your audience by sending relevant and personalized messages.

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4) Optimize your Timing of Sending Emails

You need to plan up your messages to get the best results from your campaign. As per your objectives, you should send messages at an appropriate time and on the best day. While choosing the time to send mails you should keep their time zones in mind.

According to studies, the best day to send mails is Tuesday, as it brings high open and click-through rates.  And, the most appropriate time to send mails is between 10 and 11 am. So, get to know your audience better and optimize the timings of your mails accordingly.

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5) Conduct Email follow ups with your Cart Abandoners

According to Experian, “Ecommerce customers who received multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one follow up email.”

The best way to convince your cart abandoners is to make a purchase is by sending them cart abandonment emails. When compared to promotional mails these cart mails have better open and click-through rates. Sending 1 or 2 follow up mails with enticing offers instantly boosts up your conversion rate.

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6) Expand your Metrics beyond Open and Click Rates

Marketers need to broaden their metrics to analyze that their marketing efforts are generating desired results or not. It’s important for your business growth to look beyond the open and click-through rates and get the hardcore information: how many leads converted into sales and what revenue you have earned. These are the reliable metrics to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

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7) Keep your Email List Updated and Clean

It is important to keep your recipient list clean and updates, as such lists consistently bring better engagement rates when compared to the neglected or older ones. You should segment your list on the basis of engagement and remove all those who have not been engaged with you for a long duration of time.

Sending mails to those who do not open or click on your mails at all can impact your email delivery rates drastically. So, marketers should keep their lists updated and focus more on the active subscribers.

There is always some room for improvement no matter how specific your marketing strategy is. So, for increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign start optimizing your ways with the above mentioned points and easily double your business revenue.

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