Emails prove to be an effective communicating medium for businesses.  The necessity and effectiveness of emails can be tracked through the leads you get and thus, can optimize its strength. But, if an email comprises broken content and delivers the message which it shouldn’t be, it could be lethal to your business goals.

So, you should know what challenges you can face while doing email marketing and how can you rectify them. This article is going to tell you about 7 email marketing problems along with their solutions so that you can resolve them on your own.

List of Most Common Email Marketing Problems

1) Low Delivery Rate

Delivery Rate of emails in email marketing is calculated as “the actual emails delivered to the inboxes of recipients and then, subtracting hard and soft bounces from the gross number of emails sent dividing that number by gross emails sent”.

Your email delivery rate ensures its success or failure. The chances of attracting customers are when your email lands in the inbox. Look for email delivery rate that scores 95% or above. If your delivery rate is going down with the time, you need to check out the reasons.

Low Delivery Rate

2) Low Open Rate

Open Rate in email marketing is a valued term as it lets you know about “The ratio of the total number of unique people who opened up your email and the total number of delivered emails.”

Let’s understand this by an example, “Suppose you have sent 100 emails, out of which 20 got bounced, and 80 were delivered. Out of those 80 emails, 40 were opened, and thus, the email open rate is 50%.”

The low open rate could be critical if you’re trying to get consumers directly from your emails. There could be many reasons for low open rate, like, “Unqualified Subscribers, Not Segmenting Your List, Boring Subject Line, and others”.


3) Low Click Rate

Click rate is calculated as “Number of clicks within an email as a percentage of opens”. Like open and delivery rate, your click rate is also important for the success of your emails.

Suppose, if your emails have been successfully delivered, but have not been clicked, would you consider IT a profitable effort?  Like open rate, the click rate also relies on the subject line, so, ensure you have checked it again and again.

Click Rate

4) High Unsubscribe Rate

High Unsubscribe Rate is measured as “Number of recipients who unsubscribe as a percentage of emails delivered”.

You need to notice this metric as you will have to decide who to be targeted through your emails. It will also help you in minimizing your unsubscribing rate.


5) High SPAM Complaints 

When your targeted customers mark your emails as “SPAM”, they lost their utilities. Spamming is very often in email marketing as your consumers get irritated or found your emails doubtful when sending continuously.

6) Low Active Ratio

Active Ratio is defined as “Number of email recipients who consistently open and interact with emails as a percentage of list size”

If you’re facing low active ratio for your emails, then, you should start working on its rectification right now.

7) Limited Post-Click Activity

Post-Click Activity in email marketing is calculated as “The volume of leads generated, products sold, or other brand-specific objectives completed as a result of email marketing to a targeted audience.”

If the post-click activity to your sent emails is not working as per the expectation, it could be an alarming situation.


1) Low Delivery Rate

#Protect Against Malicious Sign Ups

You would never go for spamming someone intentionally, isn’t it? But, malicious sites can come in front of you. And, they would use your internet to sign people up for undesired emails. So, get ensured you’re protecting your mails against them.

#Stick with One “From” Address 

This could be an ultimate idea for improving low delivery rate. Switch the address “from” where you receive emails and your subscribers may be surprised when they have to re-opt to open your images or re-add you to their address archives.

2) Low Open Rate

#Test Your Subject Line

 When pitching an email to your users, you will definitely go for attracting them from the first email, so you will add an engaging subject line. But, you need to test your subject line and draft two or three of them to use in different emails.

subject line

#Segregate Your List 

Think about your subscribers and what sort of information would be most useful for them. If you use the same email for different industries, your targeted consumers may get irritated and would not show any interest in your campaign. You can use interests or activity as well as the location of your subscribers to segment your list. Then, only you’ll able to send right emails to the right person.

3) Low Click Rate

#Make Your CTA Clear

When you want your subscribers to click your information quickly, make sure you are offering clear call-to-action button, so that, they can understand what you are asking them to do. A clear concept will also entice them keep subscribing as you are proffering a hassle-free task to them.


#Present Defined Subject Line & Content Both

Not only subject line, the message of your mail should also be clear when you are sending the bulk of emails to your consumers. So make sure that both sorts of information are clearly understandable from your mail.

4) High Unsubscribe Rate


Make a survey to those who have still not subscribed but getting information from your side.

#Double-opt in

Create a new double-opt-in for all new subscribers to get certain about your clients want your information.

Double-Opt In

5) High Spam Complaints

#Create a Permission-Based List

This list will help you in understanding your subscribers. This will help in reducing spam complaints and your emails will be clicked more and more.

#Never Buy Rented or Borrow Subscribers List

It could be lethal for your email marketing purposes as they are not permission-based and would contain spam content.

6) Low Active Ratio

 #Send Re-Engagement Campaign

Suppose your first or second campaign failed to drive desired results for you. Modify them for re-engaging your targeted consumers again. Create them in a way so that people would love them.

7) Limited Post-Click Activity

#Improve Your Content Alignment

Limited post-click activity can happen if your content between email and landing page isn’t aligned. So, get your content well-prepared in your email, so that people love to visit your landing page or website.

#Make Easy to Understand Overall CTA 

Don’t confuse your consumers by providing them a confusing CTA button. Try to specify everything when you’re going to create call-to-action for them. 


Emails can bring leads in no time, but it could worry the marketers if they aren’t aware of certain email marketing mistakes.

Above mentioned are the 7 common email marketing mistakes and their rectification tips. Follow them, so that you don’t make any error in your campaigns in the future.

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