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The process of designing an amazing app can be challenging and most of the developers often think that just getting the app accepted in App Store is the end of the story. But the real battle starts after that. There are plenty of mobile apps struggling for success and to get ahead of those you need to think beyond the line.

Now you must have started thinking what are those out of the box ways to market your app successfully?

Though there are plenty of them, social media is more successful in making your apps popular and improve download rates.

And, here are 7 ways to promote your app on social media, which will bring you the most active users and attention.

Let’s dive right in…

1# Announce nearest launching of App :

Even when your app is at the processing level you should start promoting its nearest launching through several social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc.

You need to mention its benefits, define how it will be convenient for target customers, then list out its special features, and introduce the team involved in the App creation.


This is one of the best and tested ways to promote your App to win the trust of customers even before its launch.

 2# Reward Your Users with Incentives

If you actually want your app to take off, then reward your users by offering them special discounts and incentives.

Curbside, a local shopping app started a ‘$25 off’ discount campaign on Facebook to attract their audience and so, boosted their visibility and download rates.


Thus, to gain more and more visibility you can definitely use this rewarding trick to motivate your users.

3# Leverage holiday season benefits

Nowadays several brands are seeing the holiday season as an ideal time for their App advertisement. They want to become part of the festive spirit by launching social campaigns regarding their upcoming events and offers.


Myntra an online Shopping app gave a 30-80% discount to their users on the occasion of Diwali. Such festive offers are helpful in generating huge revenue without making you seem anxious.

4# Run a contest

While launching a business app it becomes essential for a brand to take care of its existing customers. It’s not their job but responsibility to keep their regulars engaged and happy.

Numerous organizations are using creative ways to entertain their existing customer base and introduce contests and incentives to install their new app.

ING Vysya introduced a Facebook selfie contest which includes installing and trying their app. And, the contest was advertised using Facebook.


So, new mobile application launchers can absolutely try similar techniques to fascinate their current users.

 5# Motivate users to share your app content:

Share your App content on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and encourage users to share the content with others.

Make sure your content should be unique and informative. Share user-generated content instead of promotional. Try to simplify doubts and issues.


Highpoint your significant features in the content and how it can benefit user.

Also, chat with individuals and tell them the purpose behind developing the app and how it’s going to solve the problem.

6# Keep your customer updated:

Keeping your customer updated means staying ahead with your competitors.

With hundreds of apps launching every day it becomes really necessary to remind your app users that you are improving and updating with time.

Brands like ‘Sygic’ are doing a great job by informing their users for new updates and features through social platforms.


Let your fans and users know about your achievements. You can also seek reviews and suggestions to keep your audience involved and work on those recommendations and come up with regular updates.

7# Images Are Worth A Thousand Words

Using images is a great way to make your post related to app. A picture expresses a great amount of descriptive text.

You can post general “Download the App” like posts on social media with screenshots to catch user attention.

Moreover, you can publish a post about app feature or a tip for using it every day add a relevant image to go with that post



Social media is 100% one of the most effective tools in App promotion. And, definitely marketing your app through it will allow you to target your customers.

So, try to use these out of the box ways that will help you in getting bigger download numbers and higher visibility.

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