In Affiliate marketing, all you do is classify a product, sign up to its affiliate program, promote it, make sales and get paid commissions.

It is a profitable online business; one of the ways people make money online without ever going through product creation and all that it involves.

It’s simple to get started with affiliate marketing on the Internet and at the same time, you are more likely to make mistakes.

Here is a list of 7 common mistakes made by affiliate marketers:

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #1: Selling Instead Helping

When you find your niche, focus your efforts on helping people solve their problems. The task of an affiliate marketing site is to attempt to drive traffic to the merchant site, and not to try to sell the products.

They are promoting a product just for the money! How can you ever sell anything effectively without knowing the product?

Never sell something you either don’t understand or don’t care about!

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #2: No Email List

An email list is a key part of affiliate marketing. By maintaining an email list, you get the opportunity to advertise a client’s services or products to potential customers frequently.

However, if you shortage an email list, you lose the chance to reach to a massive audience thus minimize the prospects of up-sell. You should avoid this mistake by confirming that you have an email list.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #3: No Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very key factor in affiliate marketing. You are expected to lose a lot of traffic if you do not use the proper keyword research.

Actually, by undertaking detailed and complete keyword research, you get to know exactly what people are looking for when searching for the products & services.

keywords image

It helps you to develop your web page or landing page subsequently, do proper on-page SEO, and to target those specific keywords which can get a lot of traffic to your website or blog.

 Affiliate Marketing Mistake #4: No Tracking

One of the main steps while performing affiliate marketing is to create a unique tracking affiliate link on each page throughout the process.

For example, if your merchant site is Amazon, follow the easy process on the website to create a unique tracking affiliate link. This will help you know which pages are transforming to the growth and sales of the products.

affiliate tracking link

There are some of the key metrics you need to find for marketing success:

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #5: Not Focusing on Content and Targeted traffic

To succeed in Affiliate Marketing you require:

As a blogger and an affiliate marketer, this matters more than everything.

Many bloggers focus on things like color, design and size of fonts when really their main concern should be quality content and significant search engine traffic.

There is no point in having the best theme and being put on the strongest server if you don’t have quality content that attracts readers.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #6: Promoting Too Many Services or Products

As an affiliate marketer, you cannot be progressive by advertising too many affiliate services or products at the same time.

In most of the examples, affiliate marketers select so many products in the confidence that they will earn a huge share of commission after these products are sold.

However, prospective customers are only interested in useful products. You should not promote a number of products at once since you will not be able to plan sufficient time for each product.

That means a decrease in sales. The solution to this mistake is focusing on increasing sales as opposite to increasing the number of affiliate products or services.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #7: Don’t Invest in Required Tools

There is no business you can productively do online without spending in the right tools. For bloggers who want to make it in affiliate marketing, there are some of the tools you need to get in order to surely affect your sales. For example- ClickMeter, Thirsty Affiliates, or Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Some of these tools include:

  • Best web hosting for fast speed
  • Specialized fast loading theme
  • Popup Domination
  • Premium product review plugins that support user-generated reviews
  • SEO tools – for example, Plugins like Yoast

And importantly, they don’t keep up-to-date with changes in the marketplace. Algorithms, SEO and Social Media are shifting all the time.


Affiliate marketing on the online takes hard work and efforts just like any other stream. It’s not a “Get Rich Fast” system. To succeed as an affiliate marketer or make money online you should always be learning – and this blog has lots of resources for that.

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