Want to track social mentions for your brand?

It’s easier than ever.

In this article, you’ll find 7 amazing social listening tools through which you can know, “the reviews said by people, who are your customers and who’re not”.

1) Brandwatch

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Brandwatch’s real strength is in its exceptionally detailed social data analytics.

The tool proffers three platforms:
  • Analytics
  • Vizia
  • Audiences

1.1 Analytics

Like its name, it examines the data collected and classifies based on the commonest words, location, sentiment, gender and so on.

You can see a real-time analysis of mentions, so you can identify even minor changes instantly.

1.2 Vizia

This platform builds reports. You can integrate BuzzSumo, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite data, and select what metrics you want to present.

You can share the reports with your clients via email.

1.3 Audiences

This platform helps in Audience research.

It’s a database of Twitter users which can be searched considering the keywords mentioned in bios and recent tweets, gender, location, and the accounts they follow.

Platforms monitored: Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, VK, QQ, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, news and blogs, the web.


The Pro plan costs $800 a month with 10,000 monthly mentions.

2) Mention

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Mention comes up with real-time monitoring skills. The alert set up gets mentions that last no more than for 24 hours.

You can see historical data in Custom plans.

Mention proffers different types of settings, by date, language, and source of mentions as well as a Boolean search mode.

Mention’s insights center segments your social listening data utilizing different parameters including reach, sentiment, and language.

You can build a customize reports based on the metrics selected by you.

Platforms monitored

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, the web.


Free trial available. Solo plan at $29 offers 2 alerts and a monthly limit of 3,000 mentions.

3) Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is #1 social media tool, but can also be used for tracking brand mentions.

Additionally, you can track particular keywords throughout all of your social media streams.

There are different pricing plans for Hootsuite services.

4) Keyhole

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Keyhole not only provides mentions analytics but also account analytics apart from brand tracking.

The tool allows you to interact with mentions without leaving their platforms and also provides you a complete analysis of them.

It segments mentions as per gender, location, sentiment, original vs. reposts and source, and others.

Users can retrieve historical Twitter data on request.

Platforms monitored

Twitter, Instagram, news sites, forums, and blogs.


Free trial available. Solo plan at $44 offers 3 keywords and 3 social media accounts with 5,000 mentions a month.

5) Social Searcher

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Social Searcher is a free tool that allows you to get a better resource than Google Alerts.

The search settings of the tool enable you to put in multiple keywords and negative keywords along with the platforms you want to monitor as well as language/s of mentions.

You can see mentions based on chronological order or sorted by popularity.

Platforms monitored

Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, Vkontakte, Flickr, Google News, blogs.



6) Awario

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Awario is one tool that does real-time brand tracking, and collects & analyze social data, simultaneously.

Social Searcher starts looking for mentions throughout social media and the web once you set up the alert. You can see all mentions in the feed, from which you can like, reply, upvote like Quora to them without leaving the platform.

You can group mentions by conversation or author and funnel them by date, reach, and sentiment.

This works extremely functional, for instance, a person having a large social media followings leaves a negative comment about your brand.

As soon you respond to these comments, sooner you’ll be able to mitigate the unfortunate situation.

Platforms monitored

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, news sites, and blogs.


Free trial available. The Starter plan of $29 per month offers 3 alerts and 30,000 new mentions per month.

7) Social Mention

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Social Mention is another social listening tool that monitors and collects data from different social networks, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

It tracks all mentions of a particular keyword and proffers an insight into the brand discussion.

The tool provides you a list of mentions as well as the strengths of your brand being discussed on social media that would include sentiment, passion and reach.

This tool isn’t as competitive as others, and also doesn’t provide data like its competitors. Still, it is a budget-friendly tool.


Social listening is new, but an effective resource to know what kind of conversation is going around for your brand. 

These 7 social mention tracking tools will help you for getting a complete awareness of mention tracking in the social media world.

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