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‘Contact us’ – is the classic last mile of converting visitors into customers on your website.

Your Contact us page is a powerful way to connect with your customers, generate leads, and provide support. You can collect important information from customers such as email addresses, location, and products of interest.

You can build the quality of your brand, nurture client retention, and grow your customer base by designing the perfect Contact Us page.

Create an engaging, informative, and easy-to-use contact form with these tips:

#1 Be Friendly and Helpful

You can’t beat a big Hello. Huge, Inc is nailing friendly and helpful with a contact page that is easy to use and easy to read. It asks, ‘What can we help you with?’ and directs users to click on ‘work with us’, ‘media inquiries’, ‘career’ and ‘everything else’.

By providing visitors with information that can help them solve their queries, will create a better user experience, share your experience, and keep them on your website a bit longer.

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#2 Personalize it with a Picture

Many times, people have submitted a contact form just to be met with an auto-response.

If you can, add in the photo of the person that your visitors will be communicating like Convince and Convert does! It adds a level of personalization and helps put a face to your company.

And, people are way more apt to submit their information when they know whom they are going to talk to.

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#3 Add Location to Find You

DSIM has an office and doesn’t mind people dropping by, so on their contact page they added in their address and a handy map graphic. Adding this information to your contact us page adds credibility and lets people know that they can come find you if need be.

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#4 Include Your Hours of Operation

If your website is for a store, restaurant, or offers customer service include your operating hours importantly on your contact us page so visitors know if/when to expect a response. BambooHR displays this information on its contact page to make sure people don’t miss that important information.

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#5 Add Contact Form for Ease of Communication

A contact form makes it easy for website visitors to get in touch and it encourages users to enter the necessary information. Like Elluminati it can prompt as little or as much information as required, but remember too many prompts might be a restraining.

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#6 Show Off Your Social Media Links

This Gill Newhouse Podiatry has a simple & beautiful font to suit its styling. It has lots of obvious links to the various social media profiles and ‘Share the knowledge’ is a sociable touch.

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#7 Reference Traditional Forms of Communication

The days of writing letters and postcards are, unfortunately, getting further behind us. But that’s no reason not to reference those days in the style and imagery of the contact us page. Let’s Travel Somewhere’s page features postcards with a contact form with ‘Write NIsa’ CTA as if the website visitor is writing a postcard.

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The contact page can strengthen positivity or negativity in the thought process of your audience. Make sure that you’re extremely thorough and understand what it is your market is looking for.

A great contact page not only allows you to communicate with your potentials, but it can help you seal the deal before an e-mail is sent!

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