It’s obvious that in today’s world, YouTube is the best platform for video content marketing. It’s the shortest and fastest way to communicate with a large audience.

To reach out to a large audience, one needs a lot of views on their videos and it’s not that easy. To have a large audience, one needs to know what kind of topics; people are searching for on the internet. You can easily have many viewers if you know what people are seeking for and then, accomplish those needs. But how to know what people are looking for?

Here are some tools and techniques to know which keywords are most searched by people.

1) Best Place for Performing Keyword Research

#YouTube Autocomplete Options

Probably the best and easiest way to learn about the most searched content on YouTube. When you type something on the search option in YouTube, it automatically shows a list of related and previously searched results.

So, all you need to do is type your keyword and note down the suggestions and you can also write another alphabet and see more suggested results.

This is a handy tool but still, it isn’t precise as we don’t get to know which keyword is searched how much?


2) Best YouTube Keyword Research Tool

#AdWords Keyword Planner

The next place you should visit, in order to know more about the keywords, is AdWords. Although it requires you to sign up for it is free and frankly doesn’t take much time.

AdWords keyword planner is way more useful than the previous methods. It’s so useful because it gives you the search volumes of specific keywords. Obviously, you would want to use the most searched and used keywords.

You can also copy the URL of other trending videos in the AdWords keyword planner and you can have the insights about the keywords used by them.


3) Keyword Tool for Beginners

#Keyword Tool Dominator

If you are just a starter then this tool is perfect for you to start with. It allows you to input keywords and generate a list of relevant and most searched keywords and also lets you download them in a.CSV file.

Although it asks for a one-time fee of 39.99 USD it allows you to input 3 keywords for free every day and get the relevant and most searched keywords.


4) Popular Research Tool among Marketers

#Google Trends                              

This is Google’s very own tool to help you search the most used keywords and queries on the web. You just need to open Google trends search your query under the “Web Search” tab and there it is.

You can see the most searched relevant and related keywords. You can even know which keywords are searched the most in your country.

You just need to open “Worldwide” tab. You can also check out the “Interest by region” tab.


5) Most Comprehensive Research Tool on the Internet

#Keyword Keg

This is one of the best research tools for video marketers because this tool has the ability to filter your data by YouTube searches, language and country, giving you highly specific data.

It allows you to learn about each keyword’s search volume, keyword power, world value and world cost per click.

Its packages range from 8 USD to 24 USD per month.


6) Perfect Tool for Company’s Marketing Strategy

#Keyword Tool

If your videos on YouTube are an important factor in your company’s marketing strategy, then this is just the tool for you.

This tool not only allows you to search keywords but also provides you the ability to filter the search using buyer’s intent. So, you can focus on the keywords that lead to conversions instead of just views.

However, in order to know how valuable a keyword is, you need to subscribe to a monthly package which starts from 44 USD and the Pro Plus Package is of 88 USD per month.


7) Perfect Competitor Research Keyword Tool


If YouTube is the only platform that attracts an audience or your viewers to your website, then YTCockpit may be very useful for you.

This tool shows you data from YouTube Autocomplete, Google AdWords, and Google Suggest. YTCockpit is specifically focused on YouTube and therefore its functionalities are unrivalled for video marketers.

This is the perfect tool for analyzing your competitors and also see which keywords are trending and where. Its packages range from 19 USD to 99 USD, also you can get a discount if you pay for a whole year.



If you are a beginner then, Google trends and AdWords keyword planner are better tools for you but if you are already established in the field then above-mentioned YTCockpit, Keyword Keg, Keyword Tool or any other such paid tools would be useful.

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