Content is a basic and important part of the media world, especially the digital one.

Since digital marketing has evolved to a great extent in recent time, businesses are looking for content optimization over implementation.

But to make your content reachable and sellable, you need to improve your content in terms of quality and distribution.

1) Make Your Content Audience Specific

If you think video or image or text is performing and you want to stick to any of them could ruin your marketing goals.

People are different and so are their choices. So to reach more and more people with a relevant message mix up your content.

Part of your consumers may respond to emotional marketing, part of them may to discounts and others to action-oriented videos.

Try to mix up your approach as much as you can so that you can reach many people and increase your impact.

2) Talk about Benefit Right from the Start

There is a potential difference between digital and traditional advertising.

Where traditional builds a story to reach a climax and lastly ends with the brand.

Adversely, digital content starts with a headline or benefit.

Just take a look at recipe videos- they begin with the end result i.e. a mouthwatering recipe against starting with the instructions.

Showing benefits in the starting of the content drives more audience and also chances of their conversion rate are much higher.

3) Content Optimization is the Basic Element

There is a lot of scope of testing your content and improving its quality.

The first test can start with headline analyzing; the second test could be regarding grammatical errors and so on.

Apart from headlines, you should test button colors, CTAs. Basically, topics related to optimization.

Businesses with any budget size can test for product positioning or imagery, or pricing.

You can test all these features online and make changes in your content across channels.

4) Influencers can be True Inspiration

No doubt when you run a business, you find numerous competitors.

These competitors may be your rivals, but at the same time can be your influencers or at least you can ideate from their marketing strategies.

Apart from competitors, you can also get inspired by your industry expert or influencers.

These people solely perform through their content and exactly know what their audience responds to.

Instagram food videos were revolutionized by food bloggers, not food brands.

You can find influencers for different channels like Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Tools like TweetDeck and Tweetreach can be used for finding influencers on Twitter.


5) Choose Quality over Quantity

Prefer quality over quantity in content.

We do prepare content calendars to follow a routine of constant content publication.

But, considering an AI algorithm-powered world is that content which performs best earns more views.

So, it’s good to reconsider your content approach and focus on doing fewer things in a better way.

If you look around, you would find numbers of businesses have minimized their frequency of blog posting and rather focus on quality articles.

6) A Real Consumer Insight is always Valuable

To make people trust your brand, you need to present original content.

Consumer insight is a true value brand ambassador for your business goals.

You can build a comment box on your site so that readers can put their reviews.


7) Proper Content Distribution Justifies Content Quality

Writing quality content is one part and quality content distribution is another part.

Your content would be of no worth if you don’t take it to the right audience.

If you won’t have new content, repurpose it and then distribute on different channels.

You can use Akamai, the leading content distribution network for your objectives.



Outstanding content always makes a mark on the eyes and mind of audiences. They can really turn a prospect into end consumer.

But, to achieve such targets, you need improved quality content that really rocks.

Here are 7 ways which can help you enhance the quality of your content.

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