Content has gained grounds in last few years and content marketing campaigns have certainly become indispensable for marketers to engage consumers and generate leads. In fact, a recent study revealed that 61% consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.

“Only 27% of marketers are effectively tracking content metrics!”

However, there is still a challenge that many B2B and B2C marketers face and that is measuring the ROI. Only 27% of marketers track content metrics effectively.

But then, there are of course a few things if kept in mind while conducting content marketing can give you good ROI for sure such as the types of content that have the highest ROI, the best days to share content on social media and more.

Here is a new data on metrics of content marketing success that will help you organize your content marketing goals and make strategic decisions about effective content.

Why do companies need content marketing?

 decoding=• 80% of decision makers prefer content to advertising
• 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content
• 50% of online consumer time is spent engaging with custom content

Content Marketing Future


How B2B and B2C marketers are making use of content marketing

Brand Awareness

• 82% B2B Marketers
• 79% B2C Marketers

Lead Generation

• 74% B2B Marketers
• 50% B2C Marketers

Customer Acquisition

• 71% B2B Marketers
• 71% B2C Marketers

Thought Leadership

• 68% B2B Marketers
• 33% B2C Marketers


• 64% B2B Marketers
• 64% B2C Marketers

Customer Retention/Loyalty

• 57% B2B Marketers
• 65% B2C Marketers

Website Traffic

• 57% B2B Marketers
• 62% B2C Marketers

Lead Management/ Nurturing

• 47% B2B Marketers
• 28% B2C Marketers


• 45% B2B Marketers
• 51% B2C Marketers

Content Types with Their ROIs


“Some content types are clearly ahead of the pack in ROI!”

Customer Testimonials

Highly Effective Content: – 41%
Reasonable Cost: – 60%
Low Time Investment: – 80%

Case Studies

Highly Effective Content: – 45%
Reasonable Cost: – 37%
Low Time Investment: – 84%


Highly Effective Content: – 33%
Reasonable Cost: – 21%
Low Time Investment: – 55%


Highly Effective Content: – 23%
Reasonable Cost: – 34%
Low Time Investment: – 62%

White Papers

Highly Effective Content: – 29%
Reasonable Cost: – 25%
Low Time Investment: – 40%

Product Collateral

Highly Effective Content: – 20%
Reasonable Cost: – 83%
Low Time Investment: – 87%

Blog Posts

Highly Effective Content: – 18%
Reasonable Cost: – 76%
Low Time Investment: – 81%

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Click-to-Open Rates



Blog Posts:-44.07%




How Content Marketing helps in Lead Generation?

 decoding=Live Demos

High Quality Leads:-76%
Quantity of Leads:-28%

Requests for Pricing

High Quality Leads:-48%
Quantity of Leads:-48%

Free Trials

High Quality Leads:-31%
Quantity of Leads:-49%


High Quality Leads:-26%
Quantity of Leads:-26%

Contact Us

High Quality Leads:-28%
Quantity of Leads:-21%

On-Demand Video Demos

High Quality Leads:-24%
Quantity of Leads:-26%

Case Studies

High Quality Leads:-24%
Quantity of Leads:-21%


High Quality Leads:-21%
Quantity of Leads:-29%


High Quality Leads:-21%
Quantity of Leads:-26%


High Quality Leads:-19%
Quantity of Leads:-21%


High Quality Leads:-14%
Quantity of Leads:-19%


High Quality Leads:-11%
Quantity of Leads:-15%

Things many content marketers are tracking for content effectiveness

 decoding=Web Traffic:-63%

Sales Lead Quality:-54%

Social Media Sharing:-50%

Sales Lead Quantity:-48%

SEO Ranking:-44%

Time Spent on Website:-40%

Direct Sales:-39%

Inbound Links:-34%

Subscriber Growth:-32%

Benchmark Lift of Company Awareness:-29%

Benchmark lift of Product/Service Awareness:-24%

Increased Customer Loyalty:-21%


Cost Savings:-6%

How content marketing impact conversions

 decoding=Average website Conversion Rate

Content Marketing Adopters: – 2.9%
Non-Adopters: – 0.5%

Average Email Marketing Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Content Marketing Adopters:- 3.4%
Non-Adopters: – 1.8%

Conversion Rate from marketing response to marketing -qualifies lead

Content Marketing Adopters: – 7.6%
Non-Adopters: – 1.0%

Social Sharing Tips


“87% of marketers distribute their content on Social Media!”

Percentage of total social shares, by days

14%: Sunday

13%: Monday

14%: Tuesday

14%: Wednesday

14%: Thursday

13%: Friday

18%: Saturday


“46.3% more social shares are seen on blog titles that feature question marks than those without them!”

The Bottom Line

Determining your content ROI isn’t a big deal! You just have to act a little smarter and track your content’s relevancy and conversions against that of your competitors! That’s it! Generating more relevant leads for your business isn’t an uphill battle if you really know the ways! So grab your tools and dig in!

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