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The year of 2016 was full of significant changes that caught the attention of video marketer on YouTube.

So, are you wondering that how it is going to change this year? To help you keep pace of the changing YouTube trends that you will witness this year, we have gathered up 6 YouTube Marketing predictions in this article to know where YouTube marketing is heading in 2017.

1) YouTube to Explore Long-format Television-type Content

YouTube will maintain its position of second largest search engine as a video platform. It will explore marketing of long-format television-style content. For this change it will tap into Google’s treasure trove of data to test the production of longer format of television type series.

2) Live Streaming TO Dominate YouTube

Live Streaming will dominate the video platform this year. Last month in February 2017, YouTube launched mobile live streaming. As, the popularity of live streaming videos increase it is expected that YouTube will bring more measures in it.

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3) YouTube to Promote Videos with longer Engagement Views

The video platform is measuring that how much time people spend watching videos on YouTube. It is predicted that it will experiment with longer form of videos, so that they can hold the user attention on their platform for longer duration of time. Engagement on YouTube channels is important for better conversion rate, so it is expected that it will promote longer engagement views in 2017.

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4) YouTube to Focus More on Branded Content

Last year, advertisers have increased their expenditure on YouTube ads by almost 50%. The platform has also witnessed brands partnering with creators to create better branded content opportunities like promotions, product placements etc. To increase and provide better branded content opportunities to YouTube advertisers and creators.

5) Brands to work more with Influencers on YouTube

All the Brands that are doing pretty well on the platform will maintain a long-term partnership with the influencers. Both the large and small influencers will work with brands to get better engagement. YouTube Influencer Marketing helps the brands to maximize ROI. Building engagement with influencers that already embody your brand is expected to rise in 2017.

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6) Marketers to Focus on Delivery of Educational Content

YouTube will promote more educational content through its educational channels. The platform will align with real students need. It will focus on those publishers whose videos are entertaining, knowledgeable and informative all at the same time. It will require having more 1-5 minute videos that educate people like in-depth demo sessions, courses, Q&A etc.

YouTube content creators and brands to make the full use of these above mentioned opportunities to bring more engagement, shares, views and conversions with their followers and fans.  So, know and make full use of predicted trends for YouTube.

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