Want to know how you write engaging and better mobile PPC ads?

In this article, you’ll come to know what factors can help you write a better PPC ad.

1) Attention-Grabbing Headline

The idea to get remarkable ad starts with a magnificent headline. This remains the first line of Ad and directly draws of the searcher and let them know about your mobile-friendly offer, service, or product.

A few examples:
  • Find a location
  • Shop a sale near you
  • Call for friendly assistance

2) Add Main Features and/or Advantages in Descriptions

This tip doesn’t vary from the desktop headline, but you’ll try to keep the messaging short so that the description won’t get truncated on the small smartphone screen.

Also, the advantages for a mobile searcher would be the location, distance or time.

For instance, “We’re Open Now” or “Just One Mile Away from Your Location”.

3) Use Promotion Extensions

A percentage discount offer at the ad copy bottom would be a great option to attract the audience.

You can set promotion extensions by changing the device preference to mobile.


4) Use Message Extensions

Message extensions come to the use of a small-to-medium-sized business and react to text messages from potential customers. But, even being a potential one, it is under-utilized.

Below, there is a setup screen and when the searcher reacts to the “Text us for more information”, the marketer-supplied message is automatically sent to the ad respondent, through text message or forwarded email.

The marketer can even specify message so that the receiver can automatically utilize as their return messages.


5) Put Physical Location

For all businesses having a physical location, you should make it easy for the mobile user to find that location.

Your ad message should presume that searcher is including in their search “find a location near me”.

If you have a GMB page for your business, your call-only ad will automatically include-
  • Distance.
  • Street name and city.
  • Working hour.

6) Make it easy for the shopper

Different from intuition, mobile shopping should not have small screen size, and is becoming more and more prevalent.

For instance, site owners offering one-click payment method powered by Amazon or PayPal can truncate the need for the shopper to manually enter address and credit card info.

Also, you can improve shopper convenience by utilizing a sign-in mechanism allowing the customer to begin a transaction on a mobile device and finish it on a desktop device.

This mechanism allows the shopper to put items into their shopping cart on a smartphone device, and the see their cart populated with the products once they get into their account on a desktop computer.


Your mobile device can play a crucial role in your business enhancement. But, you need to know what those factors are that can help you at this point.

Here are 6 factors that can help you write a better mobile ad.

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