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One of the best places to market your business is LinkedIn. You must be using this professional network for marketing your brand, but do you know whether your LinkedIn marketing is working or not?

It is must to measure and track your efforts to identify the loopholes in your marketing. LinkedIn gives businesses number of key metrics to track the effectiveness of marketing campaign with LinkedIn company page analytics.

In this post, you’ll learn how you can track and improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

1) Measure your Engagement Data

You can easily gain deeper insights into your page performance by measuring this metric. This analytic examines the data of your page updates and shows you the number of clicks, likes, impressions, reach, shares, etc. for a particular period of time, as you can easily set the ‘Date range’ and filter the engagement trends by time period.

You can view the number of clicks, reach, shares, comments, etc. all in one dashboard and know what type of posts are bringing higher engagement. So, this way you get to know what type of posts you need to share more on your company page.

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2) Evaluate ‘Performance Summary’

You should track the performance summary of your company page report to get a deep insight into the effectiveness of your page report. With this metric you can measure the number of comments, likes, mentions and shares your company page has received in a week or a month. And, you can also catch up to the notifications that you might have missed.

You can easily keep track of your activity with performance summary of your page and know whether your business is moving in the right direction or not.

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3) Track your Referral traffic with Google Analytics

Another important metric that you should measure is your referral traffic. You can easily find out that how much traffic is directed to your website through LinkedIn with the help of Google Analytics.

You just need to go to Google Analytics dashboard of your site and click on ‘Acquisition’ and there you’ll see ‘Social’. You will have to click on ‘Social’ and then select ‘Network Referrals’ from it.

And, there you’ll be able to see the amount of traffic you are receiving from LinkedIn on your network referrals page.

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4) Examine your Competitor’s Page Performance

To know where you stand it is necessary to analyze your competitor’s performance. And, you can easily examine your competitor’s page performance to your own page on LinkedIn. There are various tools with the help of which you can compare pages on this platform.

Quintly is a third-party analytics tool with the help of which you can analyze the performance of your competitor’s page. For doing this, you need to create a paid account which provides you 14 days free trial.

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5) Track Your Follower Growth

You should keep track of your total number of followers to measure your growth. You need to go to your LinkedIn’s built-in analytics and click on the ‘View Admin Pages’ on your LinkedIn page, and then click on the ‘Analytics’ to see your follower data.

You can measure the number of people you have reached with your campaign. And, if you keep a regular check on this, then you can get a view on your follower growth pattern.

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6) Track your Followers Demographic Data

Another, important metric you should track is your follower demographics. You can divide the demographics into five different sections that are Company Size, Seniority, Employee, Industry and Function.

With this ‘follower demographics’ data you get to know whether you are able to reach your target audience or attract the right followers. Monitoring your LinkedIn company page follower demographics is must to ensure that the content you are posting is appealing to your target audience.

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Measuring is necessary for managing, so start tracking and measuring your efforts on LinkedIn by using the above mentioned points. And, enhance your marketing strategy as per the insights you’ll gain by tracking these metrics.

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