It was 10 years back when very few people were aware with social media. Later on people gradually started using it for social networking and now look at its competence that it is being used for hiring people for jobs. This has let the job seekers to be active on various social media site and build their online presence. This is how they leverage their relationships and talents to get a job that guarantees them a career and not barely the capital. A recent report generated by Elance reveals that almost 40% of the young professionals are making use of social media to get jobs.

Which is why here we have six relevant ways how social media helps you get a job of your dreams.


By letting you connect to the company

Digital Marketing 81 Social media offers you an amazing platform to connect to the company you are looking to work for. This boosts the chances of you getting hired by them if you are already connected to them on any social networking site. While researching about the company on their social media pages try being interactive and respond to their updates it could be anything retweeting on twitter or liking their post on facebook, leaving a comment and so on. You never know who might be watching as these days many recruiters tend to find talent via social networking sites rather than finding them on the traditional job sites.

By offering data for your help

Digital Marketing 82 Almost a decade ago for an instance if you had to know about the company of your friend you had to put in a lot of effort to ask them and remember it. But now social media help you gather all such information just by a click of mouse and you really don’t need to mug them up even. Now you tend to have all the information on your fingertips. So if you are interested in working your friend’s company you would not need to go through big hassles in researching the details. This was just an example of how social media offers you an abundance of real time data that you can use to your advantage.

By offering Job Search Apps


Digital Marketing 83 Social media offers a plethora of tools and applications through which you can search for job be it on your computer or the mobile. These applications allow you to see the companies near your current locations and the vacancies if they have any.


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By getting you build online influence


Digital Marketing 84 Earlier approximately a decade ago, if you had mastered any of the hard skills you were sure to get a job. However gradually things changed and the situation now is that because of the very high competition you can’t make it until and unless you are good at some new set of skills such as communication, organization leadership etc. Not just that at present apart from being good at hard and soft skills you need to develop online influence as when two candidates two candidates are equally good at hard and soft skills the recruiter will consider their online influence to make a distinction.

As far as the online influence is concerned it is assessed by so many factors such as the number of connections you have, how influential are they, is your content getting shared , if yes then by how many people and so on. Besides, there are various sites that help you measure the online influence and make the task easier for the employers at the same time. The main reason behind employers considering the online influence is that it will always be better to hire somebody who is already well-known by their target audience. It is believed by them that the candidates with a better online influence can generate better results, bring more and more business to the company and market their brand better than those who do not possess a good online influence.

By letting you use multimedia instead of a paper resume

Digital Marketing 85 A recent study unveiled that the profiles on social and business networking sites tend to have taken the place of the traditional resume that we used to have. More and more people are getting inclined towards the digital media and using various creative techniques to promote themselves online. These tactics can really be very effective in taking hold of some better jobs. Besides, very few job hunters are investing time in these tactics so those with it stand out in the crowd and are shared widely. There are many channels through which you can promote your profile online such as, videos, websites etc.

By letting you appositely advertise yourself


Digital Marketing 86 Through various social media channels you can also advertise yourself to the companies or the people you want to work for. You can get this accomplished by many ways however four very common of them are through Google adwords, linked In ads, facebook social ads and blog advertisements. These are basically used by companies to advertise their businesses but you can also use them for job search. The takeaway here is that you must link your advertisement back to your website or your linked In profile in order to catch the recruiter’s attention. Create an advertisement that is precise and clearly elucidate your expertise.

These were a few ways by which social media helps you get a job. So follow these ways and find a job that guarantees you a career and not just pays you the money. It is a vast ocean of information and opportunities you just need to dive in and discover the one meant for you. Could be you are happy with the job you are in however if you are looking to switch take the help of social media to your advantage and get recruited in company of your dreams.


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