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Pinterest has 150 million monthly users, a huge segment of target audience that can’t be skipped over and is the most preferred choice of the businesses who want to increase their traffic and sales.

Due to its user-friendly features, it is considered to be the marketing powerhouse. Pinterest is the most preferable network for shopping by the users, as it drives more sales than Facebook.

To help you learn that how you can increase sales and drive traffic to your website with Pinterest we have gathered 6 simple ways in the post.

1) Identify with Pinterest Culture

The culture followed at Pinterest is different from other networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so it is its essential feature.

Its different culture makes it the most preferred network of businesses for selling products. Marketers should take more time to explore and experience it before jumping and start using it. It is recommended to learn from the brands that are already using and making full use of it for generating sales.

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2) Facilitate Rich Pins

Pins that have a price tag and extra information attached in them have several advantages. If prices and stock availability are clearly mentioned in the pins, then the chances of purchases are increased.

You should use rich pins to provide bolder headline and larger image to your pins. And, this effectively improves the discoverability and CTR of your pin. And, marketers should invest their time to create shareable and pinnable images.

And, if you introduce special offers and coupons in your pins then your traffic automatically gets doubled.

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3) Use Taller Images

As per the studies, taller images are likely get more repins on Pinterest. It is highly beneficial for your website to use images which have more height, as they are shared and pinned by more number of users.

When the pins from your website are pinned more, then your website traffic increases automatically, so you should always use taller images in your Pinterest posts.

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4) Use ‘Call-to-Action’ in Pin description

The most effective way to make your users take an action is by keeping a compelling call-to-action in your Pin description. CTAs in the description work even better than the URLs.

If you keep a CTA button in your description like ‘visit this page now’ or ‘learn more’, then this generates more traffic to your website.

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5) Craft Descriptive Captions

The caption of your products should be descriptive so that users get to know what your pin is all about. But you should make sure that your caption is not longer than 140 characters and don’t contain too many words in it.

While creating captions for your Pinterest images you should be catchy, compelling and descriptive. So, you should spend your time and create catchy captions.

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6) Optimize your Product Landing Page

If you want to increase your sales with Pinterest, then you need to optimize your product landing page by adding share buttons like ‘Pin it’ to it.

You should optimize it because when you do so people are more likely to share your products. And, you can even add social proof by showing how many people have already shared it. This shows your brand is liked by the followers and that’s why they are sharing your pins.

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It’s the time you start using the above mentioned ways to drive traffic and sales with the help of Pinterest. And, to know whether it is working for your business or not you should gain insights and measure the results.

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