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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is important and there are several reasons why you should look after it.

A high conversion rate implies a superior return on ROI and furthermore, it is significantly more financially savvy to convert your higher percent of visitors rather than attracting more.

Regardless of how well-designed and planned your website is and regardless of how many visitors you’re converting into users, it’s probable you could make the conversion process better and easier.

So, here are 6 ways a b2b website can produce higher conversion rates; let’s have a look…

1) Tracking Everything

A key thought behind CRO is the belief that you are adequately doing analytics and conversion tracking.

To perk up your conversion rates, you need to really know what your conversion rate is to begin with.

Details have stated that 42% of B2B Marketers have been discovered saying that an absence of quality data is their biggest wall to lead generation and so, you need to ensure analytics and conversion tracking are installed as a minimum.

You can improve things only when you know what to improve.

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2) Speed Matters

Page load time brings a huge impact on conversion optimization and becomes one of the most direct ways to improve it.

Studies say that “40% of visitors abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. “ So, use a CDN network (Content Delivery Network) or compress images to ensure speed.

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3) Engaging CTA

More than 90% of a visitor who read your headline read your CTA Copy and, a call to action provides:

  • Focus to your site
  • A way to measure the success of your site
  • Direction for your users

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So, when you wish to fix your low conversion rates revisit your boring CTAs and make them worthy of getting clicked in. Find out the most effective techniques and encourage users to act.

4) Put reviews somewhere easily seen

Research has discovered that 90% of buyers’ decisions are influenced by reviews posted online; individuals believe online reviews to be just as trustworthy as a personal recommendation.

And, when you are having great of them, put them somewhere easily seen. These will keep on playing significant roles in the purchase process.

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5) Brevity in forms

One go-to-advice on your lead-gen form length, “Keep it short to get more conversions,” and you can do it by including the right number of fields.

This form is your gateway to qualifying and starting a direct relationship with your prospect and you need to explore your business priorities when determining how many fields to put on it.

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6) Mobile responsive

As per a 2-year study by Google partnered with Millward Brown Digital in 2012, almost half, or 42%, of B2B researchers, used a mobile device during the B2B purchase process. More importantly, the data showed a 91% increase in growth across the entire B2B purchase path.

The details above show interesting shifts in B2B space and here you need to be mobile responsive.

So, to make users to come back and convert, ensure your site works on mobile.

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