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“Visuals are universal.”

Studies say that “93 percent of human communication isn’t verbal,” as it is more prone towards visual. With visuals you can communicate in seconds that texts perhaps take minutes to communicate, letting you save a lot of time.

Visuals enable you to express so much. There are numerous types of visual content and continual ways to apply them in your content marketing strategy.

Here are 6 brilliant examples of visual content marketing to stir your campaigns.

1) Crisis Relief Singapore- Liking Isn’t Helping



On social media, there is dependably a great deal of content shared, and so, to save the intent behind the post becomes a challenging task.

Crisis Relief Singapore launched a campaign “Liking Isn’t Helping” and successfully addressed this fact.

The campaign incorporated a series of Photoshop treated shocking images intended to point up how social media actions, sharing and likes don’t do much to contribute to the causes. A powerful ad campaign addressing ‘Facebook Philanthropy’.

2) Grammarly- How Do You Spell Donut

gif spell donut

 Everybody knows that Grammarly is a grammar correction tool, but only few are aware of their professional editing services. How can they market these services in an interesting way to their audience?

Users are commonly familiar with Grammarly as a grammar correction tool and are less alert with its professional editing services. So, to market these services to their audience in an interesting way, they use fun and thought-provoking posts with engaging visuals.

This helps them request to the audience in general and not only to professional editors. They come up with posts having peaceful and entertaining vibe and are shot and humorous, rather than long and complex. “How Do You Spell Donuts; Donut or Doughnut” is an example of the fun posts Grammarly publishes.

3) AirBnB Map

air bnb

The AirBnB Map is similar to Google Maps and here, audiences can spot tourist areas and mellow inactive destinations to kick-back and relax. It makes its potential customers feel that they have access to brand’s massive reach.

4) #VideoReplyDay

video reply day

#VideoReplyDay initiative brought by Twitter expert and influencer Madalyn Sklar. He has declared Tuesday as #VideoReplyDay and where users respond to tweets with a video. The idea allows Twitteratis to reply to every tweet with a video instead of using only text.

Whether somebody mention you or asks you a question, you have to answer it with a video. This makes the response more personal and tells the receiver that you care enough taking that much of trouble.

5) Expedia- Out there starts here


An online travel company Expedia totally turns into a motivation requesting marketers to sell an experience instead of a product. Selling travel tickets and holiday packages, the organization remains in search of keeping their clients connected with and they do it through their visually stunning, travel experience blog called “Out There Starts Here.”

The posts here are alert on travel tips, ideas, and idea helping audience plan their next trip in an exceptional way with Expedia.

6) Taco Bell -Quote Tweets

taco bell

User-generated content proves to be an interesting way to make users get engaged with your brand and here, Taco Bell let people talk about themselves, sharing pictures with friends, quotes and getting attention.

The example here conveys how brilliantly Taco Bell got engaged with one of its fans’ imagination and allowed people to integrate their imagination with Product Marketing.

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