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Increasing traffic is something marketers are continually working on and stats say that

  • Video will be responsible for 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic by 2019
  • 75 percent of mobile web traffic will be video by 2020
  • And today, 33 percent of all online activity is watching video.

Yes, you got it…

Video Marketing holds pretty big claims in usefulness and future importance and so, let’s get started with these 6 tips that’ll have audience clicking more & more in your video marketing.  Info has been shared keeping different video marketing platforms in consideration.

1) Create Excellent Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are seemingly small detail, yet can make or break your chances at getting clicks on your YouTube videos.

What are thumbnails?

Thumbnails are the small, clickable pictures that outwardly represent every video. These make people click and then stick around videos to watch it. How to create attractive YouTube thumbnails?

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2) Write compelling headlines

Yes, killer headlines/ titles are important too.

There are tons of generic tips available, but to stand out amongst the crowd, you need to focus on some less-obvious tips and tricks of writing traffic-driving headlines and emotionally-charged titles.

Be searchable, use keywords related directly to your video content, make a promise, and stimulate the emotions.

3) Use End Screens to drive related traffic

End screens are a part of the video that shows during the last 5-20 seconds of a video.

Your video has to be at least 25 seconds long to have an end screen and these work exceptionally to drive contextual traffic to your related content.

You can build viewership with effective & powerful end screens on your videos, which appear on mobile and desktop devices. Point viewers to other videos, playlists, or channels on YouTube, call for subscriptions to your channel, promote your website, merchandise, and crowd funding campaigns with the end screens.

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4) Tag up your videos!

Tags are a way of adding descriptive pieces of text to your video, so, platform understands what your video is about. Additionally, tags are extremely beneficial for getting additional views on your video.

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Types of tags:     
  • Specific Tags: One-word descriptions of the content.
  • Compound Tags: Several words that form a single tag. (Much like long-tail keywords)
  • Generic Tags: A higher-level descriptor of the type of content you’re offering.
  • Misspellings: Very clever way to compensate for human error.

5) Hack the process with best time scheduling

“What are the best times to post on social media for the most traction?”

When you know the answer, it’s the best way to increase your video marketing reach as outfitting the power of analytics & automation together.

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6) Add captions for silent viewing

85 percent of Facebook videos are watched with no sound and you need to make your videos perform well even without sound.

You can do it by adding captions in your videos. These not only help your videos get more views but also increase SEO and increase view times and engagement.

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