Looking to manage your projects or want to share your files efficiently or trying to enhance communication inside your organization?

Get your requirements fulfilled with below-mentioned tools which are the best in their categories.

Have a look at them-


1. Yammer

Yammer is a tool cum private social network meant to help employees communicate across departments and business apps.

Yammer is dedicated to serve businesses with more positivity and effectiveness.

If your employees want to join your business’s Yammer network, they should have a working email address from your company’s domain.

In order to filter relevant information to particular team members, create groups that will also help make Newsfeed easy going.


Design Tool

2. Invision

Invision is an amazing enterprise-grade prototyping tool.

It allows users to do several things at a time.

Users can create actions like button clicks, upload designs as well as comments collected.

The tool also enables users to integrate with different platforms in order to make a flawless design environment.


Documentation Tool

3. Google Docs

It’s time to write, edit and share your docs online with your clients.

Google Docs allows you to do smart editing and there are styling tools that will help you format text and paragraphs.

You can choose from numbers of fonts, images, drawings and also add links.

Choose your template and start writing today online.

Excel your writing standards with Google Docs.


File Sharing Tool

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage, file backup for docs, photos and more.

Choosing Google Drive means accessing it online anywhere and also the files will remain safe.

Drive offers you 15 GB of free Google online storage.

Google Drive is accessible from all devices, like desktop, mobile, and tablets.


Project Management Tool

5. ProofHub

ProofHub claims to be the best online project management software.

The tool allows you to have better control over project and team.

You can make your teams accountable.

ProofHub ensures you have improved communication between your team and clients.

You can assure your clients about the timely delivery of the projects.

The tool is available for a free trial and monthly subscription in various charges.


Software Development

6. GitHub

Github is the world’s leading software development platform.

Github has been designed as per the working procedures of users.

The tool enables to access open source to business as well as host and review code, manage projects and develop software along with other developers.

The tool brings teams together to sort out problems, share ideas and learn from each other.



Managing projects, developing software, sharing docs and files online can make your work easy.

But, to achieve this, you should know about the tools that will help you to do that.

The above-mentioned tools are from different categories and help you in diverse aspects.

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