Do you ever want to run numerous websites from one platform?

If yes, you may have gone through several options available and have come across their pricing and abilities to cater to the needs of a small business.

In short, running numerous websites on one platform is accessible for all brands, businesses and even individual bloggers can trigger the benefits who simply want to take more control of their websites.

Even businesses looking for the multi-website business model are not clear about their requirements until they get started. For such requirements, one should not only know about the available options but also about the technology and landscape powering your online business.

In the whole context, you should know about the platforms which can make your dream come true, so let’s get started-

1) MainWP Dashboard

WordPress is a leading Content Management System where creating a website is no hassle. You can create blogs, forums, landing pages, social networks and much more.

But with, you’ll have to log into each instance of it separately. This means you have to put your time editing themes, writing content, and updating plugins in different times.

You have a solution for managing all works in one time and that can be done with MainWP. It helps you integrate your all WP websites or the one you’re building. You just have to download and install MainWP Dashboard plugin. After connecting your sites to your MainWP Dashboard, install the MainWP Child Plugin. Once, the job is done you can access and manage your all WP sites from one dashboard.

MainWP memberships are available on different price slabs, like $29.99 for a monthly subscription and $199.99 for yearly and $399 for the lifetime subscription.


2) Duda Site Management and Design Platform

What if you’re more focused on the online marketing and branding aspects of your business, such as having a great site design and online presence?

A great solution not only for building “beautiful, conversion-driving websites” quickly and easily but also for managing multiple sites geared towards that objective, is Duda.

Duda helps you create a great site design for your online marketing and branding aspects of your business. It also helps you get beautiful and conversion-driving websites.

It has the fastest website builder and truly works for landing pages where you can swiftly and easily create a large number of pages for one or more advertisements.

Duda has an easy drag-and-drop interface for website design. It also provides customization features, 100 aesthetic font styles, a developer mode for more control, page duplication, a widget builder, strong E-commerce support and much more.

The best feature of Duda is you’ll have a centralized dashboard where numerous key controls are accessible directly in one area, without jumping from one interface to other.

Duda not only is a site builder and multiple sites managing tool but also provides team collaboration and client management. The frequency of site creation in Duda can be calculated in every 17 seconds, whenever one new site is created.

Duda is ideal for digital publishers, agencies and other small businesses. Duda Pro is available at $9.75 per month per site and a $249 annual subscription for full platform access.


3) Bluehost WordPress Hosting

There are numerous options available when it comes to getting advanced hosting solutions with high performance, e-commerce, easy payment, but all of the options may not be suitable for bloggers and individuals as their price may be high for them.

For such crucial times, there is a name called Bluehost is available that avails an affordable domain and shared hosting plan for you. Apart from affordability, Bluehost also brings the necessary tools and features to run numerous websites in the process.

When you’re choosing Bluehost, you’ll get a few options to consider.

The first is, with signing up, you’ll get a free domain name. Now, the next one is if what kind of account you want to make, like if you have to create only one website, then you should go with the basic plan for $2.95/month and if you’ve run multiple websites, choose PLUS or PRIME option.


4) CMS Commander

With various options available in the list to manage WordPress sites, here comes the one, CMS Commander.

With CMS Commander, you can do effective content marketing. By accessing the dashboard, you’re able to map all of your websites, including their traffic and backlinks. You can also check the available updates and comments received on a particular post.

CMS Commander gives you the power to have complete control over all of your sites and also managing posts, drafts, users, comments and much more. You can also clone your all sites if wanted to start on new projects. As this is a comprehensive content marketing solution, it can be integrated to popular services like Amazon, Rakuten LinkShare, Flickr, Expedia, eBay, YouTube and rest of the others for automatic scheduling and bulk content posting.

CMS Commander is available at $8 per month to manage up to five sites and to manage 400 websites; one will have to pay $125 per month.


5) Veeqo

Veeqo for WooCommerce is a great tool for serious retailers looking for a comprehensive tool to manage their entire back end. Veeqo allows you to manage multiple WooCommerce sites as well as connecting to other sales channels and marketplaces and allows you to view inventory and sales figures on one central dashboard.

Veeqo gives you complete control of the amount of stock that shows on your site, allows you to edit product information for multiple products in one place, and allows you to list items from your WooCommerce store to other sales channels.

With Veeqo you can control inventory from multiple sales channels, ship WooCommerce orders, control WooCommerce multisite and view reports from each.

veeqo (1)

6) GoDaddy Pro Sites

When it comes to domains and web hosting, the first name that strikes the mind is GoDaddy. It has been even popular in the consumer zone which doesn’t have any basic knowledge of website making. But, apart from hosting domain purchasing, GoDaddy offers various other related services too.

GoDaddy offers its Pro version which will surely take your experience to the next level. Despite being a Pro version, GoDaddy Pro is free. You can get a number of free tools to help you manage your sites and customers, both.

GoDaddy Pro allows you to manage multiple websites at one time and from one platform. You also get “one-click” access to all your websites where you can update WordPress core as well as automate site backups to the cloud.



Every marketer wishes to get great revenue out of their efforts, time spent and money invested. But, to get the desired return for all sorts of investments, one must have a resource to help them to utilize multiple products at one time.

Above mentioned platforms are some resources from where one can manage and run multiple websites at a time and that with all effectiveness.

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