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Social media campaigns are for a particular reason and only last for a certain time period.  And, so the strategy we undertake in running a campaign is actually different from those used in social media marketing.

In this article, you will get to learn several actionable tips through studies of successful social media campaigns by several brands.

So, go through the post and figure out how to run your successful social media campaigns:

1) Using existing platforms innovatively

Example: Eurostar, La Vie (Life) on Board
Agency: AKQA

The purpose was to introduce a new fleet of trains and, there Eurostar a high-speed railway service, used Instagram with a unique twist using its horizontal profile gallery.

AKQA the agency behind created an impeccable illustration of the train journey consisting still images, animated videos, etc.

Here, each and every picture depicts an approaching destination with special offers, explains benefits of the fleet and so, inspires audience to explore throughout the profile. With 9.7 million impressions generated via Instagram, the campaign continues to generate a positive impact.

  • Look for new ways to use the major social platforms.
  • The uniqueness inspires people to spread & share any message

2) Get your visitors involved

Example: Taco Bell, Taco Emoji Engine
Agency: Deutsch L.A.

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The occasion was of the launch of Tack Emoji and so, Taco Bell partnered with Deutsch L.A. to create the Taco Emoji Engine. The brand created GIFs that would automatically get tweeted to anyone who tweeted a taco and another emoji @tacobell.

The strategy more than 798,000 engagements and generated the highest amount of brand mentions in a day for the brand.

  • Involve your audience and engage them on social media during your campaign.

3) Tap into trending topics imaginatively

Example: Airbnb #LiveInTheMovies
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day\LA

Airbnb took Oscars as a great marketing opportunity for its storytelling brand image. But as Marriott Hotel being one of the sponsors, Airbnb was not allowed to advertise during the ceremony or even mention the Oscars or any of the nominations.

With a brilliant social media campaign, #LiveInTheMovies, Airbnb asked its followers which movie they would like to live in during that weekend and replied the responses with Airbnb listings that matched the movie location and even offered free stays for some.

The campaign generated more than 63 million impressions and 1.3 million video views, which were more than what any other brands had achieved during the Oscars weekend.

  • Think out of the box and try new things
  • It’ll be worthwhile trying new, creative marketing experiments that are in line with your brand.

4) Encourage your audience to create and share

Example: Starbucks #RedCup Contest
Agency: 72andSunny

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From last 20 years, Starbucks has been using red cups for the holiday design.  In 2015, it had brought a design with Starbucks logo, a pretty simple design.

People started making drawings on it and so, the brand invited them to share their artwork on Instagram with the #RedCupArt hashtag.

In 8 days, it received over 1,200 artworks from all across the world. In 2016, it was done again and this time the brand showcased some of its favorite designs in its Instagram stories and featured the top nine designs in an Instagram post.


Invite your audience to co-create content with you and thank them in different ways. It’s a great strategy to increase audience engagement.

5) Focus on one platform

Example: Krylon, Pinterest Yard Sale
Agency: Deutsch

Krylon, the spray paint brand, in a quest of standing different in the crowd, bought 127 items from the world’s longest yard sale, transformed them with a layer of Krylon paint and sold them on Pinterest for at least twice the cost.

The best thing was that Pinterest had just launched their buyable pin feature and the campaign increased the daily visits to Krylon’s Pinterest page by 400 percent and generated an estimated $2.7 million worth of earned media.


For small businesses with limited resources, it’s often better to focus on one or a few channels than to use all the available channels.

6) Time it right

Example: ADT Ghost Monitoring
Agency: SapientRazorfish

On request of a customer that she needs her child to assure with this thing that there isn’t any ghost in the house, ADT’s customer service rep, Xavier  Rollins told the customer’s child that they have a ghost alarm in their house, and if the alarm is triggered, the police will be sent to chase the ghost away.

ADT and its partner agency created a minute-long animation of the story with the real phone conversation as the audio. To maximize campaign impact, they waited till just before the National Ghost Hunting Day to post the video.

The video turned out to be a great success, gaining over 130,000 impressions and over 1,000 links to

  • Timeliness makes your campaign more relevant to your audience, and they might be more likely to engage with and share your content.
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