Is your ad promising? Is your message tempting your audience? Is your connecting and driving your customers to your place?

There are many questions which come ahead targeting the customers.

When you’re a business, ensure you’ve planned each and every step of your strategy sincerely.

If you’ve no idea what to do, go through the advertisements of brands and analyze them as per your necessities.

People keep buying from a company because they find their stories connecting with them and resolving their problems without losing time.

If you want to become a brand, drive them towards your dashboard and make them long-lasting customers is all go through the skills of ad copywriting.

To improve your ad copywriting and come with a great ad copy to get better ROI, these following tips will help you.

1. Research

Research is quite necessary when you’re going to write an ad copy.

You need to search each and every detail of your audience, their behavior their problems and their desires.

When you’ve done your research, you’ll confidently be able to address your audience in a language that speaks to them.

When you have got the complete details of your target audience, it would easy for you to prepare a suitable message for them.

For Instance, bareMinerals’ ad copy and imagery deliver different messages because it is targeting different audiences.


2. Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is something that triggers your audience.

You have seen numbers of ads where marketers come with a story that is somewhere pinching the pain points of the audiences.

There are substantial reasons for using emotional content as you would find that feelings come before a conceptual thought.

Emotional responses act 5 times faster than our brain to conclude the same information.

Smart marketers adopt this technique to increase their customer base. The most common emotion types are fear, sadness, anger, and joy.

Take this Google ad as an example-

The video explains Google apps extremely help and saves the user’s life.

In this video, you’ll find that “how a helicopter rescue team was able to save an entire family with the help of Google Maps.”

3. Engaging Headline

What does your headline say?

It is always important to make your audience notice right from the beginning of the ad.

Remember, if you’ve not grabbed your audience attention, your ad copy won’t be read by them.

Now, how to write an engaging headline?

Either you can take help of tools like Hemingway Sharethrough, HubSpot, CoSchedule and others or follow these tips-

Point your special offer:

If you’re going to offer something special, do make it your headline. If it is an idea to save money or get more, your audience will read your whole ad.

If you want to become a brand, don’t forget to make your headline engaging and memorable. Prepare your headline that comes as a resolution to a common problem.

Ask a Question:

Asking a question can be a great strategy for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram like platforms where questions help catching user’s attention.


4. Present, noticeable and Informative Content

When you’re creating an ad, ensure it’s clear and informative.

Add the USP of your product or service in your ad copy. Focus on the content that precisely indicates why your product or service should be chosen over others? Why you’re distinctive?

Address as many questions you can on the transparency and information of the ad. Answer these questions and see your ad turning to more persuasive.

See this example of a persuasive AdWords ad in the following image-


5. Statistics & Facts

Stats always drive the attention of the audience. When you’re creating an ad, highlight a problem with the help of stats.

Seeing “cold, hard, facts” makes your message seem more authoritative and trustworthy, and can convince someone to buy your product or support your cause.

Seeing the recent trends of a particular industry, customers tend to run towards that side. This strategy is somewhere linked to emotional marketing.

The inclusion of “cold, hard, facts” in the ad makes it more reliable and authoritative. You can easily convince your customers with the help of these ads.


6. Test and experiment it

Once, you’ve come to know to write a perfect ad copy, it’s time to test and experiment it.

You can optimize your ads using Google Conversion Optimizer and come to know how much suitable is your ad for running.


An ad copy helps you get the attention of your audiences and also drives them to become and remain your consumer for a long time.

So, in between creation to delivery, there are lots of things which have to be taken in order make a perfect ad copy.

Here are some tips that will help you to write a better ad copy that triggers greater ROI.

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