Facebook marketing offers lots of opportunities for all types of businesses. Especially when it comes to the businesses which are relatively new, Facebook helps build awareness about it among the targeted audience defying all boundaries. Facebook not only provides you with regional segmentation to target to but it also provide you with other features that helps you target your audience according to their interest mentioned in their profiles. Facebook has innumerable advantages however you need to consider certain guidelines for it to work and excel. Here I am going to discuss six things that you must consider while investing in Facebook Marketing. images

• Identify your goals

Facebook Marketing 1 First thing first you need to identify your goals because it is important for you to know what you actually want to achieve using Facebook as a marketing tool. Before you formulate your Facebook marketing campaign you must set the goals and weigh up the expectations. It takes a while to become successful with your Facebook page. You can’t just expect to get 15,000 likes at once.

Facebook of course generates the awareness about your business among the people however you need to figure out what exactly do you want from your Facebook marketing. Is it that you want to have more interaction and engagement with your customers and fans or you simply want to promote your product and services or is your Facebook page a spot for customer service and public relations? Now the next thing you need to consider here is deciding about what type of feedback you want to get from your customers. You need to figure out what feedback is going to be important for your business and you need the most. Besides, when it comes to targeting, you must decide about what demographic do you want to reach through your Facebook page. Moreover, setting expectation about return on investment (ROI) is also important. It is as obvious as that can be that you will of course want to know about returns on investment that you do. When it comes to Facebook marketing, ROI is measured by acquiring customers’ feedback, discovering more about needs and wants of customer and the growing word-of-mouth marketing.


• Research

Facebook Marketing 2 It will be easier for you to convince your clients or your boss if you have some real good case studies, market research and future diagnosis to back up your Facebook marketing plan. Show the examples of the businesses that have achieved some real good perks through Facebook marketing. Draw their attention to the advantages of Facebook marketing and let them know if there is a room for improvement. Besides, if you are showing the examples of businesses that are somewhat similar to the business of your clients it would be great. Moreover, if you can include the examples of the competitors business as well, it is going to be very helpful.

One very remarkable thing about Facebook Marketing is the various statistical information that it provides. For instance you can estimate the number of people on Facebook who are interested in your product and services and are somewhat willing to purchase your product through the website i.e. CheckFacebook.com. Well! This website is also helpful if you are making prediction about the future of Facebook as in how many users you are going to have on your account the next year what are the trends and the projections for the target market.

• Inform about the risks involved

Facebook Marketing 3 There is a kind of fear that prevails among a lot of marketers and advertisers that if they made a mistake on Facebook they will be publicly criticized. So go ahead and inform your clients or the Boss about these risks and share your ideas and plan on how to prevent these blunders from happening.

Besides, when it comes to any social media, transparency is one the most sought after things. Customers understand that no company can be perfect still it’s wonderful if they can maintain transparency. Moreover, if the users on Facebook post a message they want some real people to respond to it. In addition, it is always better to have a crisis-management plan proactively to recover from the impact of negative feedback and comments easily as it lets you respond to such feedback wisely.   [useful_banner_manager banners=25 count=1]

• Investment in creating and supporting a Facebook Page.

Facebook Marketing 4 It is always better that you estimate the investment that you need to make to have a Facebook page in the beginning. You also need to decide about the number of hours you will be devoting to your facebook page every week. Consider about how often you will be posting about your brand.

Now, it comes to the design of your Facebook page. For it to look appealing and professional you might need to hire a graphic designer, so need to consider the redesigning cost. Talking about more on the cost, you will also need to consider the amount that you will pay for the Facebook advertising.


• Propose a Trial Period

Facebook Marketing 5 You must suggest companies to have a 60-day trial period in order to test the worth of the Facebook presence. In the beginning itself you should present them an outline that consists more than a few sensible goals. It could be anything from getting an expected amount of likes on Facebook to getting a 30% increase in fans who engage through comments and shares.

During the trial period, the companies must keep the Facebook page active by posting a couple of times on a daily or weekly basis. In addition, it is your duty to provide a style guide and find out if the page is formal, casual or informative. One of the most important things that you need to consider is that all the important fractions of your Facebook page such as the cover photo, profile and so on should connote the brand.

• Conclusions after trial period

Facebook Marketing 6 After the trial period is over, you must present the review of the details such as the achievements and learning during the trial period. On top of it based on the 60 day trial period, you should propose strategies in order to help pick up the company’s Facebook marketing efforts. Moreover, in order to further perk up the Facebook Page engagement, you should discuss other tools such as Facebook ads and apps.

Hence, this was all about the relevant guidelines that you need to consider while investing in Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is important but further more important is how to carry it out effectively. So now when you know these guidelines it must have become easier for you to make a judicious investment in Facebook Marketing.   [useful_banner_manager banners=20 count=1]

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