Digital marketing is an ever-changing form of advertising that has been on the rise for the last decade. It’s become a dominant form of marketing and it’s impossible to imagine advertising your brand or business without it.

Digital marketing is deeply rooted in the use of technology, the internet, and new-age devices such as mobile phones and other digital media. It relies heavily on social media, blogs, email, and search engines.

This means that with the advancement of technology, there are new digital marketing trends and opportunities for marketers to use. The only question is, which tech trends are currently shaping digital marketing and changing it for 2020?


This article will break down the 6 most significant tech trends that are changing digital marketing. Let’s dig in and see what’s trending.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

While we’ve all heard about virtual reality, which takes us into a world that is completely generated by a computer, augmented reality is a different story.

Augmented reality is a technology that combines the real world with digital elements that aren’t actually there.


Here’s how it works:
  • you need a device such as a mobile phone
  • you point your camera to space you’re in, in real-time
  • AR adds digital elements to that space combining the real with the virtual

While this technology has been around for a while, it’s only gaining power and momentum in 2020.

It’s being used by companies and brands trying to advertise their products the best way they can:
  • the Swedish furniture company IKEA is using AR to help you understand what a piece of their furniture would look like in a space you choose
  • L’Oreal allows you to virtually try out their makeup on your face and see what it would look like on you

AR is definitely taking digital marketing to the next level and opening so many doors for digital marketers. It’s a trend that will only continue to advance in the future.

2. Social Commerce

Social media is the cornerstone of digital marketing and continues to play a significant role for advertisers all over the globe. It’s no wonder that social media tech rends are influencing digital marketing.

Social commerce has been around for a couple of years but is seriously stepping out today.


Social commerce is based on a simple thing called product tagging. Here’s how it works:
  • you publish a post on social media such as Instagram
  • the post shows an image of a model wearing your brand’s clothes
  • people can click the image and see products tagged on the image
  • they learn the product’s name and price
  • if they like to, they can click the tag and the link takes them to your website where they can buy the exact product they were watching on Instagram 3 seconds ago

This process makes product advertising much easier and the product seems more appealing.

Also, the process of finding the product on the website is so easy and straightforward that you don’t have to go through any trouble to find it.

Advertisers are making use of this brilliant feature and creating new digital marketing strategies thanks to it.

3. Voice Search

Voice search is yet another tech trend that is on the rise and is expected to explode in 2020. While smart speakers and voice search have been around for a couple of years, this tech trend is only getting stronger.

But, what does voice search have to do with digital marketing?

The truth is, voice search is changing the way people are searching the web and is influencing the ranking of your content in Google search results.


Let’s say you want to cook spaghetti Bolognese but you don’t know the recipe. You have two options:

  • type “spaghetti Bolognese recipe” in Google search box
  • ask via voice search “how do I make spaghetti Bolognese?”

The difference is an obvious reason why the voice search tech trend is reshaping digital marketing. Marketers now need to focus on optimizing content for voice search:

  • use long-tail keywords
  • use your Google “My Business” listing for local searches
  • make it scannable
  • include questions

Marketers need to understand this new dimension of SEO and the rules emerging with the rise of the voice search.

4. Social Messaging

Social messaging apps are a part of our everyday lives and we all have at least one of them. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are just some of the popular social messaging apps we love using.

Primarily, the purpose was simple:
  • communicate with your friends
  • send and receive images and videos
  • do voice calls or video calls
  • share emoji and GIFs

However, social messaging apps have started to surpass this initial purpose. More and more brands, companies, and businesses are using social messaging apps to communicate with their customers.

Digital marketers have recognized this enormous potential that social messaging apps have. Now, they’re using it to build strong relationships with their customers:

  • communicate directly with their customers
  • provide 24/7, easy to reach customer support
  • take orders
  • personalize their communication
  • send special offers, discounts, and gift certificates
  • advertise new products
  • boost sales
  • get feedback

The rise of the social messaging apps as a digital marketing tool is making marketers all over the globe invest their efforts into joining in. The potential is huge and the options are numerous.

5. Rise of The Video

Videos are not the latest tech discovery, we know. However, the impact that video materials are making in the digital marketing sector is incredible.

Before, people mainly looked for information in blog posts and written step-by-step guides. However, it seems that they’ve lost the patience for reading and are turning more to video materials as their go-to resource.


This is simply because people want the information to be delivered to them quickly. And the video is definitely one of the fastest ways to learn something new and get the information you need.

This is why digital marketers need to focus on producing and publishing videos such as:
  • how-to guides
  • product reviews
  • product manuals
  • step-by-step guides
  • hacks
  • testimonials
  • unboxing

Prioritizing videos over other types of content is becoming a trend in digital marketing. Marketers are stepping their video game up and create appealing, entertaining, and informative video content for their audience.

This also means they’re paying more attention to their YouTube channels and the content they share on this media platform.

6. Multi-Strategizing

When we look at a single brand and its digital marketing efforts, we’re going to notice a very important matter. One brand uses several different platforms and media to convey their message and advertise their brand.

A single brand will create and publish content on:
  • their website’s blog
  • other blogs in the form of guest posts
  • different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • email

In other words, there’s an omnichannel advertising policy that is on the rise.

You can no longer create a piece of content and publish it on all the platforms you’re employing. Today, you have to strategize and create different types of content for different platforms.

For example, you have an e-commerce selling baby products and gear. Your strategy would go something like this:

  • your blog would cover topics such as “how to choose the best bed sheets for your baby’s sensitive skin”
  • your Instagram account would be doing an influencer campaign with a celebrity mom who uses your products
  • your Twitter account would be making comments about the trending topics in your niche

This means that with the rise of technology, and different advertising platforms, digital marketers need to face a more complex and elaborate challenge.

They now have to run several different digital marketing strategies, with the same gal, but different means.

Final Thoughts

Tech trends are constantly reshaping the face of digital marketing. Innovation, developments and new tech discoveries are making marketers reorganize their digital marketing game. And, if you want to swim with the big fish, you have to do the same.

The tech trends above are a must for your 2020 digital marketing strategy. But, don’t stop there. Keep your eyes wide open and lookout for new trends coming your way.

Hopefully, this article helped you realize what improvements you need to make for your digital marketing strategy. Start working on it ASAP and good luck!

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