When we talk about social media, LinkedIn has the professional appearance.

In recent times, the LinkedIn user base has exceeded 500 million and this made businesses trying their best to boost their LinkedIn marketing strategy.

A recent survey revealed that LinkedIn came second after Instagram as one of the widely used social media platforms.

Here are the proven 6 ways for your businesses to grow its presence on this social platform.

1) Fill All Details in Your LinkedIn Company Profile

Start with completing your business profile on LinkedIn.

You would be happy to know that completely filled Company Pages get 2X more visitors than those having incomplete profiles.

So, what elements to check in order to complete the profile? Here is the list-
  • Logo
  • Company description
  • Website URL
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Company type
  • Location

How to proceed for completing the profile?

  • Go to your LinkedIn Company Page.
  • Then click on “Overview”.

From there, you’ll be directed to your company’s information page where you can update all of the most important details about your business, including:

When you click Overview, you’ll further find company’s information page where you’ve to put updated information there.

Ensure you upload a clear and magnifying company logo and a cover image that shows your brand image as well as fill the “About us” section.

After filling the “About us” section, there would be other important sections to complete-

A completely filled company page makes it more professional and legitimate. A legitimate and professional company’s page establishes your brand image and creates trust among the visitors.

LinkedIn 1

2) Schedule A Consistent Posting Of Content

LinkedIn says businesses that come with at least one post per month gain followers 6 times faster than those that don’t do such activities.

Additionally, Company Pages that have minimum 150 followers get 5 times more Company Page views than those with fewer followers.

Ensure you post once or twice a week to your Company Page to keep your followers engaged.

A regular posting schedule will help you can easily schedule posts for your Page-


If you want a solid performance from your LinkedIn content, add following things-
  • Descriptive caption
  • Eye-catching images
  • Hashtags
  • Emojis

3) Re-Share Your Highest Performing Content

Sometimes, it may happen that you run out of content ideas, it would be a good idea to re-surface your old content.

Due to soft social media algorithms, there is a chance that only 2-6% of your followers have only seen that post.


4) Join LinkedIn Groups

Join LinkedIn groups as they are immensely popular as more than one million is established on LinkedIn.

Joining LinkedIn groups will effectively highlight your Company Page and catch the attention of more followers.

You can start your own discussions, or contribute to popular discussions created by other members.


5) Encourage Your Colleagues and Employees to Promote

Apart from doing efforts yourself, you can also take the help of your colleagues and employees (if you have).

These influential groups of people not only boost your LinkedIn content but also increase the visibility of your Company Page on the platform.

What next is important is to motivate these people and involve them in your mission-

Encourage colleagues to engage with your content

To encourage your colleagues and employees for promoting your brand and Company Page on LinkedIn, you can take help of a social media tool like Buffer.

Buffer offers Slack to engage your employees in real-time.

It helps in deciding headlines for upcoming articles with the help of emoji-


Buffer also sends a weekly internal newsletter with relevant links and stories for Buffer employees.

These employees share as well as “internal report” in Dropbox Paper for the latest social media news.

If your colleagues and employees come to know the importance of share and what to share, they’re likely to do so.

6) Cross-Promote Your Company Page

Just don’t restrict your promotion to LinkedIn, look for opportunities beyond the platform.

LinkedIn recommends a few cross-promotion strategies so that you can see the maximum growth rate-

What to do next?

Link to your Company Page in your emails and blogs.

A good example of the action can be seen when the Buffer Podcast grew by 109% in just two months.

Add social media buttons or a LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website

To cross-promote your LinkedIn Company Page, you can enable your readers to content by adding social media buttons or LinkedIn follow button to your website.

When you add LinkedIn “Follow” button to your landing pages or use sticky social sharing buttons in your blogs, your long-term success gets ensured.


LinkedIn is one of the leading social platforms and helps to grab more and more followers for a business.

But, without a strategy, it could be tedious to bring a great result.

Here are 6 assured ways you can grow your Company Page followers.

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