Content marketing is not just about creating, distributing and sharing content to engage audiences, improve branding, and generate leads. A content marketing strategy is an indeed requirement in the current business scenario.

In fact, a research done by a leading content marketing blog reveals that “80% of B2B marketers say they have a content marketing strategy, but only a third have documented that very same content marketing strategy”.

So, it’s time to fix that and use it strongly so that it gets better results for you.

You can create a content marketing strategy in 6 steps-

When you’re calling your audience to see your ads and notifications, it is mandatory that the posts should have been created taking their interests, likes, and choices in the account.

You need to go after several points to prepare a strong content marketing strategy. These points are elaborated here-

1) Why you need a content marketing strategy?

Before you prepare your content strategy, you need to address why to do this, what benefits content going to bring for you, do you want to generate leads or enhance customer loyalty and retention?

You need to prepare several questions that determine the reason for creating a content marketing strategy.

When you’re doing this, ensure your goal doesn’t focus on content marketing rather it is about the business to be made through content marketing.

2) Why should you be chosen?

If you’re around the web, you might have noticed a mission and a vision on the different business website.

You should have the same in your content strategy to let your customers know why you should be chosen.

Setting yourself different from the race is what your consumers would want.

There is enormous content on the web and more is on the way, so what would be your promises.

Now, the scene is, are you going to create useful content for your consumer. Are you going to solve their problems keeping the value of their time and money in mind?

Remember, you would be successful till the moment you’re ready to make the story bigger.


3) Measure Your Content Marketing Metrics

Your goals determine what metrics you’ve to choose.

For instance, if you want to generate leads or create loyalty, measure that.

Every social channel lets you measure the metrics in their own way.

You need to assess every metric precisely as well as the social media platforms.

Once you’re done with this, you’ll be able to create adverts and proposals.

Use tools like Atomic Reach, Scoop.It and other measure content marketing metrics.


4) Define Your Audiences

Defining your audience is also necessary for easily accomplishing the business goals.

Go to personas section in order to figure out your audience. Their gender, location, age, interests, and hobbies are some of the vital elements that will help you in defining the audiences.

Treat your audience like your family and pay attention to each individual like you do in your family.

You’ve to be precise here and understand you are not the audience. You can assume as them.

5) Discover Needs of Your Audience

Now, when you have defined your audience, it’s time to discover their needs.

Remember, location changes the requirements of consumers. It could be possible that people of target location may expect something better and quicker than others.

So, if you want to explore the needs of your audiences, use search and social media, make conversations with your sales & marketing team. This will help you better understand the information and needs of your audiences.

Then go for organizing those requirements by persona and funnel stage to create an archive of essential content.

The idea is to get real insights rather than settling for data.

6) Execute and Amplify Your Content Marketing Plan

Now, it’s time to execute and amplify your content marketing plan.

Collect all possible information through personas and customer conversations and know how your audience consumes that information.

At every funnel stage, your audience will need different content at different level.

Make a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly content plan.

Always define what you want to do your consumers next?

Now, creating and executing a content plan doesn’t accomplish the target.

You sometimes need to amplify it, better say market your content marketing. You can take social media for quick results.



A content marketing strategy is a great plan to accept in order to influence your audiences in the best possible ways.

Here are the 6 steps that will help you create an effective and solid content marketing plan.

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