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For your marketing efforts on Facebook, there is dependably opportunity to get better and knowing a few of the hacks can actually help you get more engagement and conversions.

To get most out of your Facebook ads, you need to make these more appealing and convertible. When you fail to do so; you fail to achieve your targeting goals. The post here talks of hacks to improve your Facebook ad creative.

So, whether you are new to Facebook advertising or a pro, use these hacks to create your Facebook ads and let your users fall in love with you:

1) Avoid using color blue

We all know that Facebook’s primary color is blue and when you use images or videos that have blue tone in your campaigns, you let yourself disappear somewhere in crowded News Feed.

Blue tones make the ad mix in with the News Feed and nobody wants an advertisement to do as such.

Use colors coordinating with your brand; you can ideally go for vivid colors like orange, green, and red.

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2) Stock videos instead of no videos

The majority of us know how important videos are for social media these days. Details say that a video on Facebook receives on average 135 percent more organic reach than an image.

But, not every marketer has the time or capability to make videos without a moment’s notice for a Facebook advertising campaign and here, you can take help of Stock videos.

There are different websites to choose from and using the sources, you can quickly and easily put together a video for your next Facebook a. However, try to find one that fits with your brand.

3) Also, add URL in your ad copy

Remember, “Your Facebook ad objective should be activities easy for users to do and they really feel the need to do these.”

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You can achieve it by including a link of your website/landing page in the ad copy. Users don’t like to be advertised to and compelled to do something. Including the URL in the ad copy gives the user the option to act quickly. If you want them to respond, give them the alternative to do as such without getting the distance down to the button included.

4) Let your imagery/video speak to your demographic

A business always has different customers and can’t succeed by keeping only one profile of a customer. It is important to create multiple ads, each speaking to your different customers. Design different ad creative catering to the needs of your demographic.

It’s important for advertisers to focus on their different customer groups. For example:

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Here, you can see two different creative, each targeting different demographic. To the left is the one targeting a younger, millennial type of audience having a 9-to-5 job and going out for a drink after office hours.

To the right is the same restaurant targeting customer base that comes in for the food. So, here you learn how to lure your audience by meeting their specific demographic needs.

5) Ask a question in the beginning of an ad copy

When you address customers’ issues in the beginning of ads, you are stopping them in their tracks from News Feed.

It gives each user a reason to keep reading the ad, look at the imagery and/or watch the ad’s video.

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However, an ad hack can’t be as simple as embedding a question at the beginning of the ad copy; A/B test your ad objectives in different types and see what’s working for you best.

6) Include Emojis

Everybody loves a good emoji nowadays and you can additionally go for adding one or two in your ad copy. Yet, follow the rules; do not overuse it and pick those relevant to your Facebook ad copy.

Take this ad for example:

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The copy includes the speaker emoji to communicate “turn on your sound”, that makes for an extra wonderful addition because so often people watch videos on social media without their sound on. This little additional support is helping users to get convinced for turning up sound and evidently watching this video.

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