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A high Click-through Rates (CTR) is an indication that users are finding your ads significant. It is an important part of PPC marketing and a higher CTR means a higher Quality Score, which reduces your CPC and improves your ad rank.

It is used for more than just measuring how many people have clicked your ads. And, it is also one of the most important factors in defining the success and reach for Google AdWords campaigns, social media ads and organic rankings in search engines.

Why CTR is important?

  • More ad impressions
  • Better organic search rankings
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Free clicks from social media ads
  • More people seeing, opening. and engaging with your emails

Here are 6 hidden benefits of a super high Click-through Rate (CTR).

1) Higher Ranking in SERPs

The higher CTR, the more expected you are to appear in noticeable organic positions.

According to Wordstream report, if you want to shift up by one rank in Google’s SERP, you need to upsurge your organic CTR by 3%.

If you want to progress again, you’ll need to increase your CTR by additional 3%.

On the other hand, if your page fails to have it the expected CTR for a given position, it’s improbable your page will have a higher ranking.

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2) Boost Organic Search Results

Not only high CTR’s are important to the success of Google & social media advertising campaigns, they are also vital to the SEO of your website.

The higher the CTR, the better your organic search rankings.

For example, if you had a page that was ranked #5 on a search engine rankings page with a CTR of 15% but the #4 ranked page above you only had a CTR of 2%, you would have a better chance of passing them out. So if you want to move up by one spot (e.g., Position 5 to Position 4) in Google’s SERP, you need to increase your CTR by 3%.

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However, SEO takes time so, a high CTR’s would have to be continual to see any visible difference.

3) Boost Conversion Rates

Your CTR is directly proportional to your conversion rates. A study states that an increase in your CTR by 2X can increase your conversion rate by 50%.

That’s why click-through rate is the most important conversion metric.

In other words, if you can lure someone to click on your website, the interest moves through to sign-up and purchase thus increasing your revenue growth.

For example,

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4) Higher Benefits from Google AdWords Budget

High CTR has huge benefits for your Google search, display, mail and shopping campaigns.

The higher your CTR, the higher your quality score as your ad is determined to be more applicable than your competitors’ on lower CTR’s. This, in turn, lowers your cost per click (CPC) considerably, letting you get more clicks for the same advertising budget.

Also, a high CTR for Google ads also increases your impression share. In short, your ads will actually show more frequently without increasing the budget.

5) Effective E-mail Marketing

If your emails have a higher CTR, then it’s possible that your emails will correctly get seen, opened, and clicked on instead of being loaded up for months.

If you engage with the emails that brands and businesses often send to you, you’ll continue to see them. If not, it might get funneled away in Outlook’s Clutter folder or it may be devalued to Gmail’s Promotions tab or in the Spam folder.

 6) Higher Ad Engagement Rate on Social Media

There are numerous benefits of having high engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Their algorithm is much similar to Google’s quality score. These are Facebook’s relevance score and Twitters quality adjusted bids respectively.

Both of these scoring systems depend on severely on how users interact with your ads to define how regularly they will be shown, your overall reach and much more success factors.

Once again a high CTR has a huge impact on how well your ads score. By increasing your CTR for Facebook and Twitter ads, you increase overall user engagement.

This results in your ads reaching more people without increasing your budget by lowering your cost per engagement.

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For example-

On Facebook, if someone shares one of your boosted posts that will show up in another person’s timeline and you won’t get charged for any of the extra engagements taking place subsequently.

Likewise, on Twitter, you’ll get more totally free organic impressions when one of your followers retweets or shares it.


Click through rates are extremely important for every aspect of your online presence.

High CTRs help you get notably more impressions and clicks for the same budget as low CTR campaigns and they also boost your organic search rankings and help you head for the top spot on SERP’s.

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