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When you are advertising your website for business aspects, there are certain things that matter a lot and landing pages are surely one of them.

Landing pages are widely used for marketing activities as they offer a great return.

Surely, there would be some hidden worth in making landing pages effective and get the desired returns. Engaging landing pages save your time, resources and of course a lot of money.

Know how these pages can change campaign conversion rates if they are well-programmed, so here we go-

Key factors for your Landing Page Success:

There are 6 important aspects to consider while designing a landing page so that you get maximum conversions

1) Ease and Time- Look for Templates

While considering the time for creating a new and lucrative landing page, one doesn’t need to allocate or spend an undue amount of time in searching cues or outlines to be used for the landing pages.

There are templates available on the web which could be worth using with the information that your existing and targeted customers want and you can offer them maximum convenience.

This will help you in saving ample time as well as getting friendly UI for your consumers.


2) Aesthetics and Experience- Eye-catching Design

Moving next into the segment, the aspect after “time & user-friendliness” is the “engagement”.

Make your landing pages eye-catching, so that, your customers keep investing on your website in search of desired information, products or services.

Along with this, ensure you are using a responsive template so that it can be used on any device.

It would be great to use royalty free images and videos to make the website (landing page) more attractive.

If you make your landing pages in such a way, it would surely bring great returns for you.

Landing Page

Landing page with Video:

amrit post

3) Compelling Call-to-Action

If you want your audiences to show interest in your landing page, do add a call-to-action button that draws them in.

It could be the button for “free guide” or “Read More”. Your consumers will always need something useful in order to provide you the required information.

So, make an enticing CTA that drives your audiences to the point you want.

amrit post 2 cta

4) Form Fields and Data Collection- Include web forms

If you are looking for a valuable landing page, don’t forget to add form fields as it will help you to collect valuable data about your targeted audience and also in further communication.

Make sure your form has different fields like “first & last name, email id, phone number, and local address” asking for various suitable pieces of information which can be used by the employer for diverse marketing purposes.

Form Fields

5) Integration and Support- Sync with CRM

Suppose you are using a landing page builder, ensure a proper integration with your CRM or marketing software.

Why do you need to do this?

You can have an easy follow-up session and data consolidation.

Landing Page Builder

6) Customization- Custom domains & personalized messaging

In last, consider using custom domains and attractive message format.

A custom website helps you get the best SEO rankings and the personalized messaging would bring all the differences whether you are able to convert the prospects or not.

Make sure your landing page has both of the features.

Custom Domain

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