Do you think your one-time marketing efforts are enough to bring desired results?

If yes, then probably success rate would be minimal or not up to the mark.

This is where remarketing approach comes to and ensures additional ROI.

But, to get a better return from your remarketing efforts, you need to be skillful.

There are certain mistakes if you avoid can bring great results.

1) Starting without flexible time approach

The first mistake in remarketing is assuming retargetable audience large.

Now, let’s understand this-

Go through your analytics from other channels to measure your monthly repeat visitors.

And also calculate that “are they here due to your business or product”, so that you can guess your remarketbale traffic by the paid campaigns.

Your analytics data may get small remarketing volume for you.

Now, what you’ve to do is scale your audience size and the time limit. For instance, on a 30-day scale, even if your audience size remains small, consider an increasing number of days 60 to 90 days.

Considering Google Ads, the at least number of audiences is 1,000, based on your CTR and CVR, thus you would like to increase them.

Suppose, your CTR is 5 percent and CVR is 2 %, the 1,000 impressions won’t going to make many conversions.

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2) Not Doing Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Have you done cross-selling i.e. sold a different product or service to existing customer?

While doing remarketing, evaluate not only your sell message but also cross-sell and up-sell message.

The trick of success in remarketing says you should make users remember you, especially when you’re offering common supplements like products.

Your sell message should carry the old content heard earlier in a different way including a CTA button or an exclusive, one-time offer.

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3) Not Excluding Immediate Buyers

So, are you trying to do remarketing to your immediate customers? You would have seen companies start retargeting the immediate consumers who just made the shopping.

When you’re retargeting your customers through remarketing, exclude the buyers from the last 7-14 days apart from cross-selling goals.

When you’re targeting repeat customers, ensure the consumption time of your service.

It may be possible that your next transaction may get delayed due to variable product category.

Seasonality, target ROI, and other factors may influence the required frequency to target repeat users.

Let’s understand this by an example, suppose someone made a purchase of shoes from you won’t buy the same again for many months later.

So, it’s better to wait rather than remarketing to the users who are done with their shopping recently.

On the other hand, cross-selling can be taken immediately to the customers on an immediate basis, but with complete care.

4) Taking Remarketing as Short-term Strategy

Many marketers consider remarketing as a short-term goal and target users like recent site visitors. Although remarketing also allows you to target the visitors as long as a year ago.

To acquire new customers, offering loyalty is sometimes overlooked.

Include consumption patterns and seasonality when you’re going for long-term remarketing procedure.

Think if someone has booked a trip with you, when is the next time they’ll start planning another one?

5) Not Considering Other Channels

Remarketing is the procedure which itself remarkets all site users.

Better to understand this, you can target users who have reached your sites through different mediums like display ads, social campaigns, or through email marketing. It also includes organic search.

But, most of the marketers do not consider it vital.

Aligning with other channels also boosts your remarketing goals and helps you achieve them successfully.

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6) Thinking Remarketing Needs Extra Budget

If you think, remarketing would take your extra money; get out of that as it doesn’t cost you extra.

Take a notice, the remarketing procedure is to be used to target users who have already been hit by your current ads.

What you’ve to do next is pick those repeat searchers and offer new experiences to them.

Although, these have been the same users which you’ve already targeted.

You already know the choices, preferences, location, and demographics of your repeat users. This would also help you in strategizing your ad campaigns.


Remarketing is certainly an advantageous marketing technique and ensures a great return.

To use the technique perfectly, you should be aware of it from the inside.

An internal look to remarketing approaches will make you understand the common mistakes made by marketers while making and applying this strategy.

Here are 6 mistakes you should know one does in remarketing.

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