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Up till now we all very well know that how important blogging happens to be for an effective inbound marketing strategy and so we do blog. But then blogging just for the heck of blogging isn’t the solution. Your end objective behind blogging is to build trust with consumers by educating them, which eventually brings more customers to your business. However, that will only be possible if people will read your blog.

So, are you sure people are reading your blog? That wonderful if they actually are! However if they aren’t here are six reasons why you are unable to build audience for your blog.

1) Your blog is just launched

116 I can understand if you have just started the blog, readership would not be built overnight and that it takes time and effort. You need to create and publish a lot of valuable content and follow various tactics to bring people to your blog.

211 As we discussed above that blogging happens to be a great tool for an effective inbound marketing. Let me tell you why it is so. By blogging you upload new and fresh content on your site constantly that constantly get indexed by search engines. So the more you blog, the more chances you have to get found by the searchers. Besides, you post a piece of content just once but that continues to drive results overtime by getting discovered long after it is published.

So, you can imagine what a wonderful result your blog is going to give you if its content is optimized for search engines. Here I mean by search engines optimization or what we say SEO of your blog’s content. However, don’t mistake it for keyword stuffing. You can always write a valuable content and can incorporate keywords in to it without compromising on its quality. You just need to be a little systematic.

3) You’re not promoting your blog

36 You have launched your blog and successfully optimized its content for search engines. Now, it’s the time to promote your blog through various channels that are at your disposal, such as social media, email marketing, your website, guest posting and so on.

So, think like a marketer and take your blog as a product that you want to promote. To know more about how you can utilize these channels read our blog ‘10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Instantly’.



4) Your blog is just about you and your offerings

46 I know that main propose behind blogging is that you want to promote your business but this is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing that in inbound marketing you don’t push a marketing message rather you just educate your customer and they themselves come to you.

So, if you really want to increase the readership for your blog, make sure you don’t compromise with its editorial side. Try providing your audience with content that matters to them. Talk about the ongoing industry issues or the issues that you customer are facing with a resolution to them, talk about their needs, their interests, their questions .This is what that works in the end as you provide them with value, that builds trust in between and they consider you while making a purchase decision.

5) Your copywriting is robotic

57 You might be providing readers with an ultimate piece of information but that sounds like a stuffy academic paper making people to discard the reading process in between. Try sounding like a human, be conversational and humorous, and tell stories that can hold the interests of the readers and engage them.

6) You aren’t frequent and consistent at publishing content

6 No matter whether you have created some beautifully written high quality content and have converted the casual readers to dedicated subscribers but if you aren’t uploading new and fresh content on your blog no one is going to come back again and again for the same content. Hence, try to make a writing schedule and stick to it. The more frequent and consistent you are at publishing content, the better will be the strength of the audience coming to your blog.

So, if you are wondering as to why people aren’t reading your blog and you are unable to build audience for your blog, make sure you are not practicing any of the above mentioned reasons. We wish you happy blogging.

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