In recent years, we’ve seen the downfall of Facebook and the rise of Instagram.

Today, Instagram claims that it has the most active users of all social platforms.

These two scenarios determine two things, either it could be the strategy of Facebook to enhance the popularity of Instagram or the reports about Facebook performance could be true.

So, whatever the scenario would be, Instagram is and going to be more popular than Facebook in coming years and the reasons are here-

1. Instagram offers the better mobile experience

If you consider the strength of mobile usage, Instagram scores better than Facebook.

Today, Instagram entertains billions of active users and the reason is its mobile-friendliness.

This completely misses out in Facebook, although the platform trying to give its best shot to its users.

Accessing the features of Instagram on mobile is easy and flawless.

2. Instagram Stories are Better than Facebook

Although Facebook has its own stories, the interface between the News Feed and Facebook Stories is annoying.

Since, the Instagram Stories are inspired by Snapchat, it has a better user interface.

The quality of video is marvelous on Instagram and offers a better user experience.


3. Instagram is More Suitable for Businesses

If you’ve business and looking for a solid social platform, then, Instagram is your place.

Promoting a business through Facebook is a tricky one as it goes through several steps.

Whereas Instagram just asks for account creation and you can start advertising your business.

Now, the success rate of Facebook commerce is lesser than Instagram as well.

Instagram is rolling out in-app payments that mean you can buy from the photo directly without leaving the site.

4. Instagram is Better for Branding

If look around marketing scenarios, the continuous changes to Facebook’s display algorithm for News Feed make it difficult for companies to use it.

While Instagram changes are less tricky and tedious when accessed by brands and companies.

Brands too love to start their campaigning on Instagram rather than on Facebook.

5. Instagram Has Video Chat Option

Facebook Messenger is old day’s talk, now the messaging features of Instagram have become the talk of the town.

Messenger is attributed as the “best real estate for branded interactions right now, powered by bots and chat”.

Although there are similarities between the chatting platforms of both platforms, the difference is going to arrive when Instagram will bring video chat.


6. Instagram offers more positive vibes

The crowd of users at Instagram is more charming and more interactive than on Facebook.

Facebook where flaunts unconventional political and inappropriate ads in News Feed, Instagram does the reverse.

Instagram is meant to promote brands, shares stories, use IGTV and other features.


When it comes to choosing a relevant and useful social platform for branding or personal use, Instagram has become the latest choice.

There are reasons to choose Instagram over Facebook and they are enlisted here. So, let us know which one has been yours to let you choose Instagram over Facebook?

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