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Bing Ads are very similar to AdWords but in comparison, Google owns 2/3 of the search market share and Bing owns 18.6% market share.

It has less competition and a number of features & hacks are there to save your time and money. And, these hacks are the contributing dynamics for the positive growth of Bing.

It can help you reach a new group of high-quality customers and increase your ROI on advertising spend.

Here are some features to help you to improve performance and better aim your target audience.

#1 Import AdWords Campaigns directly to Bing

You don’t have to worry about your time, if you are using Google AdWords to advertise, you can import these ad campaigns into Bing Ads, so that, you can run the same Ads on Bing. Bing Ads give option to import their campaign. This is a simple way to increase your online advertising range.

How it works?

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#2 Product Ads

Creating product Ads for your shopping campaigns are a best way to give your Ads more space on the search results page (SERPs) and create the Ads more convincing to potential users.

With Product Ads, you can improve your Ads with real-time, detailed product information from your Bing Merchant Center.

How to start?

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#3 Bing Ad Extensions

Bing Ads provide easy to use feature known as ad extension to let your audiences find your business information rapidly and easily.

With ad extensions, you can improve the visibility of your Ads, which can lead to more clicks and improve your ROI.

Different types of Ad Extensions-

  • Create Sitelink Extensions, to take customers to specific pages on your website.
  • Use Location Extensions to display your local business information.
  • Create Call Extensions with your business phone number or a promoting number that offers better analytics.
  • Use App Extensions to promote your app.
  • Create Image Extension, to add visual element to your ad to give a better idea to your customers about your product.
  • Enhanced Sitelinks offer larger headlines and the ability to add two lines of descriptive text up to 70 characters.
  • Use Callout Extensions that offer an extra slide of text that highlights your website’s products or offers.
  • Price extension that displays your products or services with their matching prices to potential customers on mobile devices.

Benefits of Ad Extensions

  • Adding Sitelinks to your ad aids attract more customers to your website.
  • Enhanced Sitelinks offers greater visibility of your ad.
  • Using Call Extensions and Location Extensions will help customers contact your business.
  • App Extensions can help drive downloads of your app.
  • Callout Extension can make your ad more relevant to potential customers.

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#4 Manage Your Search Partners

Bing Ads provide reporting on individual search partner performance.

In some networks, you can’t fine-tune your bids for unique Search Partners, but with Bing, you have to either include or exclude Google Search Partners in every search campaign you run.

Still, you can run reports to see if search partners make logic for your campaign goals or not.

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How to start?

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This feature is a huge advantage for advertisers on Bing Ads. It allows you to present for high-quality performing partner sites while rejecting the lower-quality partners, and so, directing your spend into the best-performing networks.

#5 Demographics Targeting

Bing Ads have the ability to use demographic targeting on search Ads i.e. let you target specifically to your audience.

One more added advantage to this level of targeting is the ability to use bid adjustments to change your bids per audience.

How to start?

Go into the settings tab of your campaigns and under targeting options, you will find demographic targeting.

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#6 Adjust your Automated Rules

Bing Ads have a great feature of automated rules that can save your time by automatically making changes to your campaigns depend on measures you explain.

The ability to schedule and automate these top campaign management setups on a weekly, or even daily, the basis can amount to precious time savings and productivity gains.

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Here are 13 different types of rules-

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Creating an Automated Rule by clicking on Automate > Change budget when…

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Additional features that are available in Bing Ads-

  • Trended quality score report
  • Negative keyword encounter report
  • Geographic, day parting and ad rotation settings
  • Time zone settings at the campaign level
  • Control over device targeting
  • Custom UTM string with ads and keywords
  • Remarket to interested customers


Bing Ads are a better alternative to Google AdWords. By using these Ads hacks, you can save your time as well as money. Bing Ads has unique features that let you get most from your marketing budget and it’s continually enhancing its effectiveness with Google.

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